Ok, so. New Blogger... well clearly this was worth the hastle. From what ive seen so far, the only differences are a load of bull s**t blood leag b****x pages that make it a little bit harder to actually do anythingm clarly because blogger and google are s**t scared of someone suing them, we live in a sad sad world, were everything is driven by fear and ignorance, people and companies affraid to do anything for what might happen if they do.

Any way, here's a new drawing. I havent turned out alot lately as I've been doing alot of writing.
For no perticular reason its a girl with agun and a chainsaw swearing like a trooper. Oh well, never mind. Got my drawing back on track though, had the niggling suspiscion it was starting to slide again for a bit. :)



Since my last visit to the land of Blog, sorry, bin busy paying the bills. As a result, its been tough to do stuff that I can show you, my normal works a bit hush hush. But as the special forces guys close in I can upload some bits n bobs for you

Bring it on BUB. Heres a rather grizzly looking Wolverine sketch I did the other night, not happy with his abbs, I'm trying toget a suggestion of his musculiture as aposed to putting every single one on, and its harder than you'de think, trying not to fall into that trap of drawing action man

Here's a work in progress. Sekhmet from ancient Egyptian mythos. She was apparently the god of war, and a woman. Im saying nothing.


Says it all really...


I said daily, and I have excuses for my failure to do jack shit, its called working, or well, ok, I tell a lie, its called moving desks. Ive made a consciouse effort today to ACTUALLY post some stuff, not that its shiny, its just stuff.
Here you go, here's a full colour version of that page from last week, turned out ok I feel, I like the sun in the first panel and the little glints of light on the water in the second panel.

Here's an FBI agent. I don'y know if this has been done or not, but are there any super hero/vigilanties who are law enforcers in there normal life. How about this, she works for the government as an agent by day, but she sees all the injustice and failings of the law, so takes on the guys of THE RED WASP at night. Hmm, only in the city of Hope

Well... that'll do for now. SEE YOU SOON



WOOO YEAH its nearly the day of fri. AWESOME.
and here are some piceetures

Leaping into the air with unairing acuracy and daring its Wild Kat, no she cant fly shes just jumping over our lickle heads

A pencil sketch of Jo Dark

Here's a flat of some inks from a far off comic saga with Mr Candle. I put the colour fade in, with a mind to colouring it, but I liked the two tone so much I kept this version

And heres a simple flatish colour of Wild Kat, enjoy, and I'll metophically see you all on the morro


The blog of kings : )

In a world full of madness and thirst for blood and sand, a world were people who can’t write a CV, complain that because they can’t write a coherent sentence, that it’s not fair that they don’t get employed. A planet were a small tribe of monkeys despair at the kidnap of their idiot child, who despite being the dumbest of the monkeys, was loved by them anyway, and scarcely do they know the true horror! of how an all powerful nation kidnapped him and pored him into a suit and called him president, all in the name of 'democracy', I like to think that the special brand of madness that prevails on this site and its distorted cousins http://www.candlemania.co.uk/ could somehow be a nourishing substitute to sanity... or not, any way, here are some pictures I done drewed

Of Wolverine, the worlds flavorite X MAN, did um on the holiday, he's looking nice and supremely evil on the bottom of the page, I like him.

and some more...

And a rough colour sketch of Jo Dark from Perfect Dark, my own lickle interpretation, the skull on her wet suit was my office buddies ide, and it looks kinda cool I think :)

And heres a nice full colour pic from yesterday, I promissed I would fling one your way, so here, CATCH!

Its of a new hero for the Candlman universe, by the name of WILD-KAT, all shal be explained in due time, I hope, probably a few years, thats right we're in for the long hall, have a goodun, im off to do some worklings :)


WOOO YAY 2000 and 7 hot monkeys, who'd of

Thunked it, when we were in school, pickin’ our noses and slappin’ upon the girls asses (I didn’t but Compton's most wanted apparently did), the future seemed soo far off and we wondered if we really would live to see the year 2000, well, I think we did, and maybe this year we'll get the rocket packs and Jetson style floating homes with little flying bubble car in the garage. But until that glorious day arrives, here are some pictures...

Check it out, the first picture I made with my pencil in the 7th year of the twenty first centuary, Mr Lucifer, looking a bit different from how he does in the comic, that happens with my stuff, as i move along they kind of evolve, if and when he makes further appearences, I spect he'll change over and over :)

Here are some doodles from the holidays, just trying out faces and expressions, like making the mouths big, its funny

Not much, if any finished work to put up here for you guys, was mainly too busy eating drinking and being merry with my folks, but there are a few dynamic and emotive pencils to be seen, like this pick of the Lethal Spider and Wilhelmina.

Here's some different stuff. Having seen some inkers at work and doing some reading I stumbled accros the obviouse use of tipex pens, so I dug one out of its draw and had a mess with some silouets

And here's another one. Atmosphere's the name of the game, hope you like um, ill try and get some coloured stuff up in the next day or two, keep your mice hovering over this site and its brothers and sisters, dont forget the ongoing saga of INFERNO, on www.candlemania.co.uk