You can't fault girls with guns... and on that note!!

I did this yesterday afternoon as a lickle doodle and when I got home I looked at it and thought it was actually better than I origonally gave it credit for, so i tarted it up a bit, hope you like it, its a bit cleche but hay, i work in games, what do you expect, big tits, small costumes and massive guns!! I wish, at the moment I'm drawing lots of cuddly animals and such, so i guess this is a bit of a vent!!


tits n guns and vampires and grave robbers n all that jazz...

First off, heres the Tomb Raider influenced Angelina Smallhouse, judging by her face, sh's stumbled accross something salivating and evil in a long lost crypt some were...

Aaaahand here's some jugs and swearing, nothing in particular to say here, its pretty evident... its mainly just me doodling and trying to up my game a bit really and having some fun doing it.


Hello again. Here is some more sheeyat.
Heres a quick CG model I knocked up today as a concept for a writing project I'm doing, it doesnt require illustration, but images are so important to my thought process I found I needed to do a model.

And heres the latest version of Wilhelmina Prize. Im pretty chuffed with this, she looks kinda hot and cartoony with big stylised feet n hair. Pleased with this :)

I dunno whats quite going on here, but I was doing some experimentation with sky's and i started messing with the brightness contrast and eded up with this, which I actually quite like, it has a kind of print ish feel. Hope you find it warm and likeable as I did :)


T n A, well, mainly A

Sorry I been away, Ive just been lazy and doing other stuff. But I promis to be more prolific this week. So, here is a nice picture of Batwomans arse...
Hope you like its curving dynamics mmmmmmmmm spandex, and girls...
see you tomorrow folks :)



Heres a new doodle of Candleman. Please remember that he is OWNDED, and I mean properly, proof of ownership by me is in the hands of my selisitors so dont mess, I make this note in the friendliest of intent, I just know that some people out there on the net have used his image in tha past, please dont, it pisses me off, just enjoy him and dont try to do anything seruptisciouse with him.
Any way, all threats of chemical castration aside, I hope you like the pick, aw isnt he all cute and heroic :)



More Pirates of the Caribeeeen
Er, dummo why Ive drawn a few picks of Jonny the last few days, I just have, I was struggling to tink of an interesting character to mess about with yesterday and he just popped into my head, I was pretty pleased with the doodles so I did a finished pick. Hope you like it mate YARR HAR HARR, shiver me timbers me harties yo ho!


nuthin like the ride...

Hello there mates!

Ive been on me travels this week, ill fill you in with my diary at some point, so watch this space, in the mean time here's a picky of Captian Jack Sparrow from Pirates! YARR