There he is, leap frogging over some kinda degratice urn thang, plus loads of doodles from my 'sketchbook' i dont really have a sketch book, i just use these kinda marker pads that desintegrate as i use them so i end up with a mound of loose sheets that i file away, i usually mutilate a pad a week full of shit like this, hope u like it, I havnt much at the mo as im prepairing for the comic con and working on the creation sarga and a little fun short for Christmas


After yesterdays bomb shell of the fact that CANDLEMAN will be hitting print this year, and the mass of response I've got from that... Ive posted a few pencil sketches that have nothing to do with it. hope u like um...

This is a new character for Candleman Witches Cat



Well, not really, but kinda. We're closing in on the Birmingham Comic con, we visited last year. a low profile was kept and much sneaking about was done, this year we are planning to go properly and actually attempt to flog some art work. I've applied for a table and am in the process of getting some of the comics printed, what should be available to anyone willing to spend a small amount will hopefully be, a full colour print of Candlemans first adventure, 'the legend of darkness falls' and a never before printed black and white comic produced specifically for the comic con. Ill keep u guys up to date on developments as they unfold, right here on CANDLEMANS blog page. For information on the comic con, like were it is and how best to get there and who else will be there, if my unprofessional presence isnt enough go here, http://www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/



Yay, here he is, its looking like you people are locing him these days, which is nice, more than nice infact, its great, so heres some picks of the man himself. I feel I must make some appologies, first off for the horrid copyright thang splashed over the picks, but, a friend of mine advised me to do it, specially as we have had cock heads liberating our images in the past and giving no credit, He is copy righted as in, being held by shark like lawyers, that will be used if they have to be. Theres that horidness out of the way, on two appology 2: I got pissed at the apparent death of my comic page www.candlemania.co.uk, its still there just not doing much, and promised that I would keep the comic going here, which, i have so far NOT done, but I will HONEST, Im just waiting on dell to get my laptop to me and I can actually get this shit rolling again.
Here's a pick I did for a friend of mine who's feeling a bit under the weather at the mo. Now, Ive talked to a few folks and they've said that I should put a colouring tutorial up, I shall indeed do this next week some time, so keep yer eyes furmly locked to the sight with the Candleman on it, and Ill give out my secrets...
As for now... LATERS possy :)


I are the SCORBIAN

Check this weirdo out, all new bad guy for Candleman universe, oooh, better get excited, the creation story is in the works...



I did this last night with felt pens, the drawing any way and coloured it in PS, turned out pretty well I feel, unlike the print out, god alive, will i ever find a printer that prints whats on the screen?
Anyway, never mind, Hope my possy likes it, he's a scary monster nemesis for Candleman YAY


Hello there, I have been pottering with some colour stuff, so, see what you think, I'm quite pleased with this un :)

And here is a pen design for a lorry I did for a CG project a friend of mine is working on, I struggled to get it the way i wanted, doodling with pencil so i just said, to hell with it, and whacked it out in pen and it looked exactly the way I wanted. :)

Thanks for the comments you all left, yer great artists and im honoured, its also reasuring to know that folks out there are visiting and enjoying my stuff


Another picture of an early butgoning concept for a new character, Rivet, not much to say

And there is this, a sketch of Candleman I did entirely in pen WOW, how chuffed am I , strait off in felt tip and i dont hate it

Yay, more colour stuff, This again was drawn strait off in felt tip and turned out quite well, I then scanned it in and used PS to colour it, looks pretty good, if i do say so myself, god how arogant am i , but why not, it looks the way i want it to and arnt we all a bit tired of the artist who hates all his own work, what a cleshe, I dont nesiserily hate all my stuff, just a large pertion of it and most of the time i like everone elses better than mine :)


Holy dingos. More were wolves? I'm affriad so, it looks like the future holds more of the fiendish undead for our hero Candleman, although, these guys are more like your classic were wolf than the wierd dog monster from darkness falls, one day all will be revealed.

And here is their leader, the evil and twisted Wormina, her past is complicated and intwined dramatically with Wilhelmina, our heroine

And this is Rivet, a new character I'm developing, Ive no back story worked out for her yet, although I know she is a government agent :)


lots of shtuff and doowdilin

Here's a random selection of doodles from the past week or so.
Here is a quick sketch i did of the Green Goblin from Spiderman, yay, such a class vilain, why oh why did he suck so much in the film, ho hum, hollywood, u are the bane of our world, sorry, rant territory there, um were was I oh, yes, this was knocked out fast in pen, I am using pens these days to tryan and boost confidence in my line work, see, u cant really do construction and once u have put a line down thats it, thats why his pumpkin holding arm looks a little loke a snake, a bit formeles and a tad too long, try not to look at it, I dont.

Ah, now, back onto my own shtuff... This is a doodle of Wilhelmina, again a revisit to the current comic on CANDLEMANIA, it will be a while till u get to see this, as my colegue decided he couldnt hack doing any more to it, just as the shit was kickin off, nicelly timed there, oh well, what you gonna do, he is after all extremely busy. Sorry, very bitchy of me, and this is not a forum for my personal issues, ah who am I kiddin...
Willis sportin a fantabulous black eye here, not that I in anyway promote smackin women about, but in this case it surves well to make my baddy into a total bastard, hay, worked in Back to the future.

Oh, K, here's a page of scribbles and cack, mainly, the picture of Willi sitting looking a bit down, its kinda sweet, I like it, hope u do too :)


pics and how too's

Hello there, sorry for the lag of updates and the blatent lack of Comic book pages. On the comic book note, It will most likelly be several weeks before I continue posting them as, things here in work are getting hecktic and I am waiting for a lap top to arrive so I can colour away to my hearts content.

So, leaving excuses aside, here is a scribble of mega priest i did tuther day.

And here is a pick of Wilhelmina getting her dander up, Ive been drawing her in her fancy gown alot latelly, mainly cos of working on INFERNO, its reminded me of all the fun design eliments there were within it.
And here is were a few more things started to make sence, about how to actually draw well, or at least creat the look I want