Sorry posts have been slow, still getting to grips with UNI!
I had a rummage through some old stuff and was inspired to revisit some of the work I did for a now canned short film called VOID.

Drawn with wacom in photoshop!


pencils, inks and digital!

 Some tat from the last few days!

 Spiderman! pencil sketch from my sketchbook! spent ages on the shading, well, longer that i usually do with sketches!

Then there's a digital Wild Kat paint, unfinished, i did it to let off steam as i was a bit narked with the picture i was doing for cash lol!

and a silly lil batman scribble also from my sketchbook... and as blogger still seems to totally suck at handling images and lay out... a whole load of white space...


Spiderman, Wolverine and crap hulk

Sketchbook page off of my sketchbook!!

Hi everyone, it's been FOREVER since I posted on my blog! I know, like, years!! actual years. There have been a few reasons for this, the primary one being that I fell out with Blogger, because it went CRAP there for a bit, and uploading a picture became so time consuming and awkward I just left it to rot, but NOW! I'm back.
A bit about this pixture! its all REAL media, like felt pens and things, drawn on some pretty cheap ass paper from a low cost sketchbook, mainly cos I am pennyless at the moment, but I find I draw some sweet stuff (I think) in these crappy pads, of which this is a picture! uh... thats it...oh on the left you can see the ghost of another spiderman image showing through, which is this one!
On the left! Wolverine and Spidee crouchin on summin! There WAS a hulk in the background, but the green pens let me down and he turned to POO! Spidee's eyes look awesome here! hope you all like it, I enjoyed doodlin it!


Wall crawler!

Spiderman!! Inspired to try some real media work... as I have been working mainly digital of late and i thought a bit of full colour might spice up the sketchbook a bit too!!


Hill Billy truck concept

Slammin out some new concept art stuff, here is a bit of vehicle action, kind of a grubby 4x4 owned by some creepy hill billy type


its been a long time general...

I felt the need to update the OLD blog. Sorry its been ages, but my focus is mainly directed at the candleman pages and deviant art these days, simply in the aid of getting MORE hits.

This pic is a new old character, basically, she has been floating round my head as an idea for decades, but I felt the need to revamp her and post it on tinterweb.

I hopes you likes.