Had a good day yesterday of doodlin and scribblin and all round pictoral messin, so without further bush beating...

Ok, I lied, these aint too good, erm, shit... Although I like the bearded guy top right corner :)

I like these ones better. The top right hulk is workin for me, something must be special about the top right corner of pages...

Faces, nuf said

More faces, like the comics guy

and more... Just trying to get good at expressions really.

So, as you know, from reading below, went to see Phantom of the opera in london on tweekend, it was pretty kick ass, Any way, the openning was rad and Carlotta was cool, she comes out singing to this little prop sevred head and its ace, so i did a pick, heres some of the doodles for it...
I had the image in my head from the night of the show really, tried it bottom right, redid it and liked it top left...

Then did a nice big pencil sketch, ive only rescently got into the habbit of drawing stuff big, and i like it, cos i can get so much more in, you'll also notice its the other way round from the sketches above, thats just me, I almost always flip stuff when i copy it, only way it looks as good or in this case better than the orig.

Hope you like it.


Havnt got too much rescent to show, you, bin busy ,but ive tried to piece some bits together, just to keep posts up really.

Heres some doodles from today, messin with expressions, trying to get better at um.

These are from a while back and are another exploration, this time of a different way of doing girls heads, my fave is the girl with the dreads and glasses, top left

And the Hulk, yet again, dont worry thats it from him now, Im quite pleased with this.
I rescently got a few tips from one of the legends of art that I work with and i put them to good use on this, i think it looks way better now :)

Ill keep posting and it wond be the Hulk over and over I promis.
Later folks



Sorry about there not being anything yesterday, but I was travelling the globe well, went to London at any rate. Went to see Phantom of the opera, wich was ace, sept the girl playing Christine couldnt sing, which really sucked.

All in all, good trip, and we saw Jonny Depp walking down the street which was cool. AAAny way, on with the pictures. As you may guess, i havnt done much over the last few days so heres a teeny but nice bit of shtuff

Heres a doodle scribble thing of a new character for Candleman, that may be on his way oooh

And heres a colour version, I like the coulours on it and the way he looks kinda slippery, which works well. Im not too happy with how the lines work this time though, the origonal ink looked cool, but i vectorised it in illustrator and that seems to of bummed it a bit, strange cos usually it makes it look amazing, ill probably redo it at some point, as usual, i prefure the pencils.



Yes todays the day, that possably the coolest film of all time comes out, and im in work and not in a cinema, which sucks...
Any way, we're here for art and nout else, so here is some.

Heres a page from my sketch book, hope u like it, not much to say about it really, just like some of the poses, like Willi jumping and Claude falling and landing, on his head hahahah.

Heres a really rescent sketch of Mega Priest, thought u peeps might like to see how hes changed and become a more develped character, I think he looks like DU-MAN

This was done for two reasons, one, I needed to test some colour and effect ideas I'd had over the past few weeks, and i rescently baught the new films and the lego games and to be honest am a bit Star Wars'ed up at the mo. :)

Because its Tenacios D day, heres a picture of my friend Loui, hes like an uber D fan and i did this pick of him to celibrate

And finally, I finished off the Hulk sketch i did on monday, sgot a few new colour techniques Ive been messin with, and I think its come out ok. :)


HAY ART FAN, LISTEN UP... or look... at this new stuff, ooh, look he is updating it daily OMG!!
Any way, thats enough caps lock for today, heres some stuff I done today and here also, is some stuff i have done over the past few weeks, during my teaching myself to draw phase :)

This is one of the aforementioned 'learning to draw agin things', see I go through these stages were I like to mess about with my style, and i think its improving, till I look back at things I did, like 2 months before and realize, I stink, and actually what I was doing back then was ace, and then I have to remind myself how I was doing it, these scribbles are from one of those times, me trying to find my feet AGAIN, ooh dang, more caps...

The only way to get good is to draw ALL the time, one day I hope to get good, but in the mean time, I keep scribbling, new poses new positions different ways of using the line, over and over and over and sometime, just occasionally I do a drawing I really like, Like the one here with Willi sitting on a box in huge jeans and oversized basket ball boots, I just like it and thought you might :)

SOOOO, this is from this morning, Me warming up I guess, sometimes thats all I do, its not often i get a pick I actually like...

And finally, erm, liked the last sketch on the page before so did a more detailed pencil of it.
I'm in limbo at the mo, trying to move house, but when I do, I'm hoping to colour some of these up :)
But you'll just have to come back to see if I really like any of my pencils enough to try :)
Later Holmes


Hi there.
Sorry its been SOOO long, but alot's bin happening.
Mainly Geoff and I have bin gearing up for the next action packed fest of Candleman madnes, which has involved no end of inking and teaching myself to draw again.
so, in the mean time heres some shtuff to keep your eyeballs smiling.

Heres a lickle picture i did of the hulk the other day cos i was bored :)

I started my day today with some warm up scribbles, exploring some poses and stuff, man, I miss life drawing, and not cos of the T and A

And the scribbling led into this, which I'm quite pleased with, but not as much as...

This, inspired by a shot taken from some of the footage of the mighty Tom Cherril as Candleman, in action, can be seen now, on the web site...


go now, if you havent already

Better get on with some work I spose...