Thats not directed at you guys particularly, its just a silly line we came up with for the end of the aliens project when they nuke the place from orbit... its the only way to be sure!

This is for a poster I'm doing for my buddies who helped make the silly filumness



And I'm trying too!
Having been hussled back into the land of candleman by my other half, I'm rediscovering its fantabulouse glory... here is a lickle pic i did for the cover, maybe, its a montage style image anyway, i'll have to find five minutes to do a colour one :)


Here are some inks i have been doing for a DVD box, its to go with this http://cripspink.blogspot.com/2007/09/blog-post.html, that I am trying to finish, if my computer will let me

And in that veign, here is a little doodle of Hicks :) I did, YAY HICKS


the next thing begins

some prelim sketches for the next CANDLEMAN comic.
Based on a script that Geoff and I wrote years ago, and to be honest, was one of the best ones we ever put down on paper, mainly because it was simple, and had some pretty funny shit in it too, this comic should rock

This page to the left has some character notes on, but centrally I have worked out my openning shot, I may go for a two page spread on this one, with a forward on the left page, setting the scene

this is mainly a page of character doodles, a rough pass at what the main protags are gonna look like, and refreshing my manky brain on how to draw Claude and Willi, they've been absent for a while love um



Yes, I know its silly, and yes I know it should be planet of the apes, but this id how it hapenned in Candleworld.
And this is a flyer I did for a friends movie evenning, in which, none of the featured movies will probably be shown, but i thought it summed it up well.



CAN SOMEONE LEAVE A FRICKIN COMMENT PLEASE, am i the only person looking at my art?, hell i dont even care if its a negative one, can soneone please say something...
Aaaany way, rant over... I didn't this little doodle as a responce to a theme set by Mr Jackson, erm, think it was adventure and archaelogy

here are some girls, starit to ink drawings, Willi Prize on the left and Emma Frost from the xmen on the right.

And this is a lickle sneaky peek at a flyer I'm doing for a film evenning.


girls and monsters

Me and Phill Jackson have been doing a bit of a draw off last few days, I chose the theme of the UNDEAD and this was my offering to the art gods :)

Dunno quite what its about, its probably a subconscious stab at the fact that hot girls always seem to date dickheads, summed up by this hotty still hanging with her chav boyfriend even though he's dead and more...

And here am a sword babe with swords, tad annoyed that the cuts around the swords and arms into the background are a bit rubish :( still though, quite pleased with it :)



Here are some more critters and doodles, I havnt had much time to do any finished stuff what with work and life and such, but there will be some, inks and colours and shizzle heading u way soon.
now, thats my guilt delt with, here's an aliens mouth, a scribble from a story board i was messing with :)

And a werewolf, one of my favourite horror animals, their bad ass!
And here is a sexy lady, incase you felt a little cheated, its Wilhelmina, I'm trying to work up a story I wrote AGES ago and frankly, a great one for Candleman, this is a sketch of Willi in her sexy night gown, its based on (as is the whole story) those fab 60's and 70's Hammer horror films where the girls run about in nighties the whole time, BRILL, as you can see though, she doesn't look like she's in the mood for messin, good o'l WIlli.


Angry chicks

Here are some doowidles from tuther day...
This is a little corner of the page sketch that i just thought looked cool, she ended up with a great face and a brillant expression, she's really not happy about summit.

And this is a sketch of a character for a friends comic.
He's doing a whole comic in 3d (computers) and I'm designing the characters for him a bit at a time.
This is some kind of deep space police woman with dubiouse greys in her personal morality, theres a note on some kinda crazy illegal weapon too.


Not much to say really, just here are some more aliens, i just enjoyed drawing these guys with their hugely expressive jaws, hope u like um too :)



This is a varient of the alien i designed for fun, meh, i was bored.
And here are some KUNG FU nun doodles, this is me figuring out some plot stuff for my colab comic coming for October... or November, er BRUMICON any way.

And here is a sketch i did yesterday, that just looks really nic, hope you like it :)
FRAAAAAGH and another alien, kinda cartoonified, hope u like 'im there will probably be more


big fish n boowbiz

Ok, here you go, here's a comic i did ages ago, i desaturated it, cos the colouring was experimental and i decided i didnt like it any more. The story's ok though, for a little 4 pager introducing the AHL, My bud Geoff did the 'NIPPLES' label at the end, to get round some posting problems we had, but i think, it makes it way funnier :)