Off for Christmas

Although away from the humming throng of computers and the cutting edge of technology, I am still using my time wisely, here is a pic of some inking for staying in the light WOOT! it crawles ever onward


Twas a dark and stormy night...

Candleman and Wilhelmina stand on the threshold of more whacked out adventures back lit by spooky clouds!


Full moon in an ancient jungle

Tooled up with all kinds of magical uh, tools, the ancient and sexy warrior lady stands and looks out over her domain, shrowded in night and fire fly's, hope you like it :)


yay for Hammer...

I did a little pencil sketch of a girl with some knives and then decided to tart it up in a paintilly kinda way, it's not amazing, but I learned alot doing it and have the feaver for doing some more.

When I'de coloured it I thought, this reminds me of the old Hammer films, like blood from the mummies tomb and stuff so I bunged a silly tag line ot 2 on it and made it into a poster type dealio.

Hope you like :)



I am not condoning the TV movie that was Terminator 3 (erch) no, simply, I was toyiong about with my female figure drawing and it turned into a gun toting naked chick and that just made me think of the Connor chronicals, so i did an inked version and used to try some colour stuff i've been working on, you may have seen some newish techniques in the Moose picks, well i wanted to see if I could use them to do other lighting conditions, such as moody darkness, and it worked, hope you like this CP



WORD! Moose got some impressive hits, well 4, so i did more, i'm such a hooker, anything for cash...
Anyway, here is Moose, looking a tad worse for wear, enjoy!



Here's a little group shot I had in my sketchbook and coloured up using some sligtly differnt techniques, hope u like :)
The world of Candleman is pretty massive and I have have a huge story arc roughed out, so most of what u see in these pages will come into play one day in some shape or form :)



Here's a redux of an old charcter now, he was my first origonal character and spawned the all powerfull Candleman universe, he's a Moose and he is a bounty hunter, nuff said



Here's a little bit of Hulk/wolverine action I did for fun!



Been doing some marker stuff, couldn't resist this old school turtle, plus Debbie likes Donetello, so I had to give him a perpol bandanna and some stiks!


Axe MAN!

Here are some prep doodles for a candleman comic cover I did fairly rescently :)


Ahh, Laaandaan I love her soo.

Debbie rescently finished her show, Jekyll and Hyde so i was inspired to do a little doodle of the evil alter ego of Jekyll


Corner of a page...

Did this on the corner of a page, Captain America in some kinda home made old school costume of coolness, say no to lycra!


Batter up!

messin about with some figuritive scetching last night and it spawned this which I quite liked so I posted it, hope u likes it too :)


Ahh Anubis... I might of known

I love ancient Egypt , so no surprises Candleman staying in the light has its share of mummies and such related hammer style crap, here is a rescently inked page from the afformentioned graphictastic novel thing featuring your favorite god of the afterlife Anubis all ready to weigh yer heart against a feather!


Willi's alien suit

I made an Alien suit once.... Couldn't resist this


Art for sale!

There will be numerouse stylish prints for sale at the Birmingham Comic con, and I'll be selling some of my cack drawings too!



The sweaters back, here is a rough scribble of the look of Willi in the new CM mini series!



Only this time WITH COLOUR! enjoy you non commenting freaks



Here am some scribbles... what’s my motivation?..
Having been going back through DARKNESS FALLS lately, I have fallen in love with the idea of series again, lots of mini issues that will allow manageable work load and affordable printing yada yada, any way there was allot of contributing factors, any way, thing is Debbie (my FiancĂ©) and I have stormed out some ideas for short stories and a huge amount of villains for CM's universe over the last few weeks, and they will lend themselves beautifully to micro sagas, the first of which will be CANDLEMAN - PAST LIGHT, which brings me long windedly round to today’s pick, which is a prelim sketch page for the cover of issue#1




Candleman dove dramatically off the slick rooftop and toward the glassy streets bellow, powered by his steely resolve and a few bottles of cheap piss masquerading as beer.As the lightening blazed and filled the sky with electrical brilliance, he realised it was a long way down and he didn’t really have anything to break his fall, ‘sept maybe the street...



New character on the roster for future Candleman episodes, along with a new town just down the road from Hope city, might be called Gravezend or summin like that :)

And here's a blast from the past, I couldnt resist a redux of an old school looking Priest and his darkness falls graveyard


New Graphics

Not putting Blogger down, but blinkin' heck, it's awkward. I cannot just simply upload an image to use on the website design, I have to include it in a post so I can access it locally.
I expected there to be a somewhat unique set of problems involved with the new site enhancements, and I am doing my best to make it work as intended. I could just use a remote image hosting service, but I don't want all the content distributed here and there, that's something approaching a nightmare for me.
And on top of all that, I can't actually refer to the image from Blogger, I have to get the link from Google Picasa Web Albums! Talk about roundabout.

whats happening?

Hello there, I thought a spoonful of information might be useful.
Here is a sneaky peak at RED MONKEY AND THE BLADES OF TIME, my short for the up coming SMART BOMB collection.

You may of noticed a post by the mighty GO3 further down the page, he was there at the creation of Candleman and we have ever since bounced ideas off one another in a kind of forging drinking kinda comedic way, up until rescently he has been in charge of running the Candlemania site, whic as of a few days ago, is now NO MORE, it was difficult to maintain compaired to the Blog, so, the plan is to combine the two and have a much more action filled blog space RIGHT HERE, so dont worry, if anyones looking for www.candlemania.co.uk, its not dead, its just being reanimated :)



Been putting togther promo gubbins for the Birmingham
International Comic Show 4th and 5th of October at the Thinktank, millenium point, curzon street Birmingham B4 7XG.
Here am a snippet from our big fat poster!
And here is my new icon pic for blogger!



As brumicon creeps rapidly toward us, here is the prelim for the Candleman biable framed poster this year , even though he's the main character, he's the hardest one to get an image for, maybe i'm too critical or summit


Priest and other shtuffs

Here am some skribbles from my sketch book, featuring Priest without his mask oooh


Greetings, readers. This is Geoff. My role here is to turn this blog into a working www.candlemania.co.uk while enhancing it in form and function (as much as is possible with Blogger), and contributing my own angle on this Candleman nonsense that I helped to give birth to all those years ago. Hopefully some new flash content can be added here, as well as some solid article pages and other spanglyness.

And no, that's not burnt into my palm, it's a prototype for a real-world pair of Mayan jade earrings that Willi wears in "Staying in the Light". I hope to make a couple of pairs of these as promotional items for when the comic finally comes around (don't hold your breath, folks, it'll be a while yet.)
The plan is to cast them in polyester resin with a opaque pale green colouring agent and fit jewellery fastenings into the tops. They will then be presented in an attractive box of some sort, preferably not brown cardboard. They'll be cool and minty.



Here is a peek at the 'staying in the light inks' its getting there, half the trouble is finding a look that works

sword lizard lady thing

Hell, I dunno, I just started drawing some buxom lass with a lizard for an ass, make of it what u will



I have been lacks in my posts, mainly as I am working on staying in the light and other stuff for the comic con.
So, just for fun I doodled this, i am always fascinated by silly cross over comics and such like, superman vs aliens verses terminator vs robocop vs yada yada, so i drew BUFFY VS ALIENS, cant go wrong with boobs and monsters as the hammer films proved, if only hammer had made aliens...
Ok, so, this is an edit, i just went mental doing some scribbles, some of them were quite nice so I posted um

There are some pics for brumicon in here and some vampire shit, I reall REALLY wanna do a CANDLEMAN vampire story, as kind of an accompanyment to darkness falls, but never seem to get one that works.



Free promo to be goven out with perchases this year!



Brumicomicon is edging closer, I thought I'd remind you guys that we will be there again this year, not only with a new 20 summin page comic, but with a reprint of the origonal, so for those who turned up late or on the second day and where crushed by the fact we'de sold out, then here is a SECOND CHANCE! to enjoy DARKNESS FALLS and more!


Bones in the sink!

Here am more concepts for me two pager for Brumicomicon, people seem attached to their cash at these things so I try to provide a snifter of Candlemaness for a miniscule outgoing!


More mythology

YAY! more monsters and shtuff!


Snakes and ladders

Yay Medusa!

Not much else to say really...


Crumbling angel

Did this little doodle in my sketchy book, thats right, I've started a sketch book, mostly I just use loose paper, but i fell in love with some of the bigger moleskin books and have made myself doodle in them for a bit, just to have a nice collection of pics really.
I liked this and coloured it up, hope u likes too :)


bloody bones!

Here is a prelim doodle for a short Candleman adventure.
As with last years comic con I want to do a short promo comic and this looks like it may well be it. Its based around the Irish folk legend of Rawhead and Bloody bones a kind of child eating monster who likes dark and damp places.



Here is Candlemans new nemisis for Staying in the light, in the process of leveling up!
It was my little first stab at inking and colouring the huge epic.



All hail the red monkey!
On his way to this years Birmingham comic show is my contribution to our colaberation comic, here is a sneaky peek of a little corner of a page!

Its so cool to see Monkey finally in a comic, he's been around a character in my sketch books for years and finally he shal see the light of day in RED MONKEY and the BLADES OF TIME!


brrr shnikt!

WOlverine in the snow YAY
Enjoy :)



Some scribbles of a character for a friends CG project!


Z is for ZATANNA

Here am some inks of Zatanna.
Woot, she's hot, but a bit cack, at least in the DC video game anyway, she just get killed all the time Grrrr!