Really testing myself today by doing some stuff in marker pen, no room for error, I have actually surprised myself by doing some drawigs that weren't shit
both these pics drawn in pen, Candleman was coloured in photo shop



Been reading the new Harry Potter, soo, I drew this :) Hope u like it


Here's a little test Ive done for the later parts of INFERNO, the building was modled roughly in computers and then inked and coloured and detailed by hand



Carrying on from last week, Wilhelmina and Claude finally come face to face with the vilain of the piece...


INFERNO... its still going honest

Hello there. Yes. To be honest, I've no idea what is going on with the CANDLEMANIA site at the moment, I am both annoyed and upset by its apparent desertion. I feel it is a great shame that having spent 3 years setting up a fan base the site has evidently died. The comic has not. My work continues. Ideally I would like to continue the Cmania site as we know it, but that looks like it is not going to happen, I plan one last ditch attempt to revive my friend and get the comic moving again, but, if that fails, then I intend to continue it here as it has been for the last 2 weeks.

Candleman is something I beleave in and a story that needs to be told, and its unfortunate that the first attempt to actually tell the saga seems to have met with resistance from within. Ho hum, never mind, I just jope that I can drum up viewers.

On with the art, the pic is a promo image I created for the comic using a grab of the inks from a page I was working on, the image is designed to be 2 pannels, but I thought that the image of Candleman and Lucifer looked so cool it desurved to be reworked as a stand alone image.



page 20 nuff said...



MOOOOHAHAHAHAHA, clearly goes with these two. These are inked up versions of some doowidles I did tuther day, I decided to refresh myself with some colour, Ide forgotten loads of how to actually do comic style colours, as theres not much call for it on my current stuff, I actually had to dig out a few old PSD's and go through the layers to try and nember how I did it., any way. Im guite pleased with the right hand picture, the buildings are a bit cack, but their there just as a test really.
Theres no perticular reason I did the green goblin, other than I love him, specially the Humberto Ramos version, cos he looks totally brutal. If any one has any questions about the techniques in the pictures please ask using the comment box below :)


I think I'm getting it.

Ive been doing alot of design stuff for 3d characters latelly and its really forced me to analyse my stuff and strive to get more 3 dimentions into things and really try to create some volume. Over the lat day or so I think I've started getting it too. Why things work and how to build volume into things

Here are a collection of some doodles over the last day or so, were i started working out how to keep volume in my drawings.


let me fix your reality...

here's a little sketch i did of scarlet whitch, a character I love the design of, I armored her up a bit here. Hope u like. At some point i may colour it



No pussying about here, with 'do i want my powers? or not? I dont know, maybe I'll get in line and get cured cos I'm kinda spineless' and such related bull that made its way into the last film, instead of her getting miss marvels powers and seriously kicking ass. So I've done my own little bad ass Rogue pick, im quite pleased with this, and I hope u like it :)



As it looks more and more likelly that my companion into the world of the Candleman comic is no longer willing to aid in the forwarding of the web site I have decided to start colouring and posting them here, so come all ye candleman fans if your interested in knowing what the hell happens next. This is the place to be, have a lookat the shiny page 19 :) hope u like it.


Here are some more girls n notes, basically just exploring how the female form is put together and trying to level up.


Ok, so. Here are some more girls. Ive just got into the stride of improving my female figures at the moment, so expect a few of these over the next couple o days. Here, hope u like these, i resisted putting 69 on the cheerleaders jumper

Aaaaand heres Vallery again. This time with a bit of colour.
I usually avoid the air brush like the plague, as it can look oh so amiture and studenty, but i saw it used really well on something the other day so i gave it a go and i think it looks ok, not sure about the huge bloom on the left of the image, but tough chips, its there now moohahahaha



HELLOOO any one there? I know, I said I wasnt posting for popularities sake, but, it would be nice to think that someone looks at this shit.. ho hum

Here's another pick of Vallery, hope u like it whatever, later.


WOW, nice hammer

Heres some dude ills from last week, featuring some designe notes and concepts for Vallery Kri and a sketch of Storm from X men, hope you lie. :) um... don't ask me how the nipple plates stay on, all that matters is that this drawing features the term 'nipple plates'