Digital paints...

Been trying to up my game as a digital painter over the last week or so, I hope you like the results :)


bits and pieces...

Here is a photo of a bigger image I am working on at the mo. YAY HELLBOY!!



CANDLEMAN STAYING IN THE LIGHT! is done and dusted and on the vertual shelves of the internet ready for your delight and enjoyment.
Candlemans first full length outing comes to you in a sweet 172 pages of full colour A4 format action and bound in a crime killing matt finish cover, and can be yours through the exchange of money at this site http://www.dinkybox.com/acatalog/books_magazines.html



Uh... it's behind you...

Just started roughing out a Kung Fu Nun short story, plus I also just got some bristol board, hence this, turned out nice again...
hope you like :)


slave girls are hot!!

Here is a new digital paint, i haven't done any in a while and thought i'de warm up with a pencil sketch i had lying around, turned out pretty good i think, jope you like it :)



The comic con that is, see the below flyer for more specific info!

My graphic novel isn't here yet and i'm really starting to sweat, it's in the hands of the printers at the moment so here's hoping it shows up in time :)
On the art and postings side, i must appologise for having not been ontop of this blogger thing latelly, but there has been so much happening what with my joblesness and the HUGE project that was staying in the light, but i promis to try and be more regular, and with that in mind, here is a cool picture of Wilhelmina!


Hi there peeps. Sorry it's been FOREVER, here is a new update and a new glimps of the upcoming CANDLEMAN-STAYING IN THE LIGHT, which, with any luck and a following wind will be ready for the comic con in Brum.

I hope you like it.

Here, in honour of the AWESOME new movie is a star trek desk top... mmm star trek


Mmmm legendary...

Here is a dead viking, I like vikings and dead things, so this is packed with WIN! seriously though, I am pleased with the sky and the over all feeling of the image, at some point I am hoping to crowbar some Vikings into Candleman cos they are pretty ace, once you get past the raping and pillaging that is...



I appologise profusely for the crap quality of this image, but as I am not at work at the moment and my scanner has gone to meet Elvis in the great byond, he's dead, deal with it, then the digital camera is the best I can do ATM. Anyways, here is a pic from my sketchbook, I am in the process of figuring out my Candleman story arcs and this is part of my thoughts on paper way of working, hope it doesnt suck too much :)


She dont look too clever...

but then neither does Candleman in this panel from the forthcoming Staying in the light, available at Burmingham comic show this October, find out how Candleman intends to shake his undead nemisis queen Nutha Cupar Tee!


flash from the PAST!

Geoff rescently gave me a big fat chunk of stuff relating to the old web site, Candlemania.co.uk, in it was this awesome image of an early concept for Queen Nutha Cupartee from Staying in the light, done way back when the origonal idea was for a kinda wacky live action TV show, however, this picture rules, i thought i'de share her with you... btw, the gaping wound in her belly is where they took her organs out to mummify her EW!


mmm blue

As we are all feeling at the moment. For those outside of the circle of Rare, i have been made or am in the process of being made redundant from my job as a concept artist, i am not alone and my feelings are not only for those who are going through this trying time with me but also with the people who I leave behind, some seriously skilled people have had their world shaken and are left feeling pretty insecure and demotivated after the process of the last few months, i wish them all the best, along with hoping that, for me and the people who share my fate, this is the start of something greater and an adventure that with any luck, will end in something better. Onwards and upwards!


And the great city...

fell, its riches and power lost accross time and space... or something cool like that, this is the inks from page 40 of staying in the light demonstrating why i had to get Debbie to buy me a whole stack of new pens... i like black!


go ninja go ninja go!

Here's a pen sketch i did of Rapael last night, aw look, he's soo moody! and another snap shot from Candleman staying in the light, it looks like an awesome place for a holiday!


Hammerin away at the colours atm

So here is a quick sketch of Willi for the creation story i have been roughing out!
And here is the pic from yesterday again, in the hope that blogger will actually allow u to see it today



Well, maybe baddies is a bit of a harsh bracket term, Wild Kat isnt really bad, she just hates Candleman, she's actually a hero, as for mayfly guy, he's very much evil! these are just some doodles from my sketchbook!


Wilhelmina and Claude...

Look out over a neon soaked Hope city as a vampire movie plays on the tv in the background!


Staying in the light!

Should pretty much all look like this! ready for the comic con in Oct. YAY!


the colouring begins!

Still inking, but starting the colouring too :)



I took that rough pencil of Wild Kat looking moody and tarted it up, hope you like it, the print will most likelly be on sale at Brumicon


Mmmm chips with that?

Ah, fish men, you can never go wrong, i've always got a soft spot for these guys as monsters, there is always something mingin about drippin fish creatures. This one appears to be a little bit of a trucker or something, I'm not sure what the deal with the belt buckle is, but hay, never mind eh :)

Also, I have made my first post on http://outofnothingart.blogspot.com/



A painting I did yesterday, based on some ideas Mr Jackson (http://curiousravings.blogspot.com/) and I have been chucking back and forth, based around were wolves in the mid west, i do love were wolves so, BEST HORROR BADDY EVA!



Here is a digital painting for a cover to a later issue of Candleman, took a couple of hours, i'm quite pleased with it, it turned out well, her name is Philippa Pots!


some doodles...

Wild Kat moodily looking off into the distance and balancing inprobably on a post, always looks cool :)


Candleman doing his best to promote himself

He will punch crime and he has punched crime, how well it works out after he punches crime, is often anyones guess!



welcome to the acadamy

Inspired by a trip to our wedding venue of all things, on the way out there i saw a roundabout with a monument comemorating an early jet fighter, and being all Treked up at the moment I invisioned a monument sporting a star ship and felt it should be in the grounds of the starfleet acadamy and so i did this quick painting in my lunch break :)


More space stuff...

Here is a rough character sketch for a story that Brian came up with and I've been on and off trying to get a handle on for ages, this guy is an alien criminal left to rot on a deep space prison colony...

and this, is a little PS painting I did based on the tv series Enterprise

And here is a sketch in honour of the snow and the kick ass people who braved it this week! Kurt Russell as R.J.Macready in the thing, probably my favorite move hero, what a stone cold bad ass!



I have been watching massive amounts of star trek latelly and couldn't help myself!
here's a little pic of the classic Enterprise boldly going!


And it keeps going!

The never ending inking!


At Brumicon09...

With luck, hard work and a following wind, it will be likelly that you will see this image wrapped around a hefty full colour tome... Debbie helped me iron out things that i felt weren't working, allot of people liked the cover with Willi's face on, but it just wasnt working, so, with some help from Debz and comments from a few other peeps I think we've found an awesome cover for the first Candleman graphic novel.

And for those people who liked the other image, me included, its not gone, reassigned to a rather natty inner page that I think looks pretty sweet, hope you guys like it too, all comments welcome, positove and negative alike!


OMF my brain is hurting...

Covers... its like some kind of nightmare trying to come up with something that conveys a bit of the contents without giving away all of it and is also visually dynamic, colourful and eye catching, if anyone needs me i'll be laying down in the dark some where...



Wilhelmina sheds a tear as more unfortunate animals bite the dudt in Staying in the light WOOT!

It's something Geoff pointed out to me a while back, there always seems to be some poor animal taking one for the team in the name of comedy poor ol Sabastian the weardog got well and truelly forked in Darkness Falls and in SITL... well, you'll have to see, but trust me, there is just enough monster animal mayhem to keep the rspca sweating, obviously Willi got a fair bit attached to this one.



Bin having a stab at the cover for Staying in the light, I want a stylized kinda impacting cover with a similar theme and feel to these!
HOWLEE SHEET! what the heck are these?! they are covers for a mini series i have pencilled out on me drawing board allong with a billion other things for the Cman, anyway, I really like um and think they are effective graphically and would love Staying in the light to have a similar look to its cover, so I had a stab at it over lunch, hmm, skinda there, but I'm not sure if I like it, I may to with the format a bit more, maybe a closer angle on Candles face, but at the moment, I dont think it works, any way, feel free to comment, crit ad advice or just slag it off.


Push um up and together!

Hay kids, sorry I didnt post yesterday, uh, sure there is a reason, but damned if i know what it is, anyway, in between working and sleeping and the ocasional bit of food, I have managed to continue the epic inking task that is STAYING IN THE LIGHT! here is another little sample featuring Wilhelmina looking a bit dazzled, shocked, excited, or just plain old surprised, you'll have to read it to find out, any ways, hope you like it, its probably one of my fave panels from the whole thing and I didn't manage to kill it by inking it, theres still the colouring yet though... fingers crossed.