Trying to bring some excitement into your dull lives...

With a new full length CANDLEMAN story... some time around the Christmas period, most liekely the new year though I'm affraid, it will be available to buy ONLINE at LULU.com along with the first CANDLEMAN 'welcome to hope city' and both should be on sale at the bristol comic con in May 2008



Check it out!! New Candleman full colour short YAY, it's a pre-emptive strike toward the forshadowing and heralding of the massiah of comics CANDLEMAN V'S CHRISTMAS! which, as Geoff says, creeping slowly toward us as inevitably as an ice age, and just as fast, it may be here for christmas... it may not, you'll have to wait and see, any way, for now, the four pager is here WWW.CANDLEMANIA.CO.UK, its censored at the mo on Candleman's home page as it features boobies and clearly, our web hosts are GAY and dont like boobies, but it should only mildly dent your enjoyment of said comic CANDLEMAN:THE STRANGE CASE OF THE ACTION HERO LEAGUE AND DOC WIRLWIND. If you wish to see the well rendered juggs on page 4, then you have 2 options, print it out and draw your own on, or go here and pretend to be an adult ComicSpace.com



Check it out, THE MOOSE! He's a character I developed years ago and worked on with some top buddies in college, its been a while since he had an outing, here he is in technicolour glory

And here is pencil sketch of Scorpius from Farscape, i've been working my way through the series on dvd, as Debbie hasn't seen it, she loves it and I am loving rediscovering its thourally origonal genius, and here's old scorpy, one of the coolest villains in a show ever



another picture of the cap, i like messin with his costume, its fun making it a bit more practical, the origonal always hinted at scale mail and i thought it desurves a revival.

And here's a Samurai... just done for fun, and i liked it so much i coloured it up WOOOW


SHWING for a new character and a revised existing one...

Check it out, a whole new character for the Candleman universe NINJA NUN, she's gonna appear in the Mega Priest section of the world as a kind of cross over character, hence her costumes more risque as its kind of a dream world and the universe is themed around cleshes in comics.. yada yada deep meaningful crap, i like fishnets and babes so there she is, kinki samurai nun lady...

And here's a redesign of an up and coming comic saga for CANDLEMAN, Red Wasp, I just had some fun with her costume



I got a shiny new version of photoshop for home yesterday, when i say new... its the ancient 7 version i use in work, but its better than 6 and does everything i need it to... any way i'm woffling, i did these last night from the scribbles i posted yesterday
I hope you like them...



Here are a few doodles from the last day or so, when i want to concentrate on my technique and not design i revert to drawing marvel, cos their already created i can focus on line work and inking etc, hence all the wolverines and stuff....

Any way, here's a sketchbook pick of logun stabbin the crap outa some government agent or some shit like that, its black n white cos the colours turned out a bit shit and it was coloured in pen so GAY, no recovery no Z button shiiiiit. Looks kinda like the origonal turtles comics though in black n white, which is ever cool.
And here are some more doowdils, again, more pen work, all done strait off in pen and coloured with shity felt tips from wh smithsm but these ones look coowol (no braggin intended) I'm just pleased with um, hope u guys like um too.
The first beast (middle top) his head was a bit too thin and too sorta wolveriny, but the colour one done strait after, i based that on my best mat Loui, he dressed up as beast for a haloween do ones, blue hair suit and died blue head hair too, nut case, he looked the fuckin bomb, so i thought i'de make beast look like the Loui and hay presto, it looks sweet... enjoy u bunch o flumps, i'll get more out to u soon, but i think i hear the authorities closing on on my position right now so...



As per requested I did a wolverine...with a costume that looks like a millitary uniform designed by addidas, this too toulk about an hour from pencils to finish, but, the pencils did take a bit longer, hope u likes it :)



Here's a little summit I knocked out with my powerful right hand over the course of a lunchtime, its not finished, but took 40 minuets from pencil to the level its at now, all I gots to do now is put a nice background in and polish it up a bit, hope u like the old captain america, I just love his naff old costume
An here is the final, I managed to finish it before the end of dinner actually, it turned out ok too, i'm quite happy with the rock, it looks good.



I did this yesterday... I saw on the Forbidden planet website that they are bringing out an inflatable Elite energy sword from Halo, AWESOME, so I was inspired to draw one of my favourite and feared characters from the origonal game, the terrorfying SWORD DUDE, if you haven't played the Halo games you should, these feckers are a menace, usually equiped with a cloaking device and a lethal double edged lazer blade they have a nasty habbit of striking you dead before you even know about it and the only hint is the base heavy 'WUD WUD WUD' sound before they strike, they took out the alien language stuff in the sequils and I miss it, so I put it in here, any way...

The pic...it was a pretty rough pencil sketch then I inked in in a Jack Kirby influenced stylee and coloured it with felt tips, brave of me, running the risk of knackering the drawing completely, then I tweeked it in PS, puting in some glows the grass and the nice colour fades, all in all, I'm genuinly chuffed with this little guy, hope you like it too.


More scribbles holms

Here are a few mor scribbles from my sketch book, mainly revolving around Wild Kat and the AHL, as they are the centre of the christmas issue and a four pager for the web site that should be out in time for the tide of yule.



Ok, here you go, more delectable visual treats, even though I'm still to ascertain what the point of my blog is...as at the moment I seem to be getting as many hits as a pinata at a party for blind quadroplegics... so in that spirit we set forth...here are some cack sketches that no one will ever see.
First off some doodles, mainly featuring girls, girls bottoms and boobs. My fave is the sketch at bottom middle, the girl in the dress, it just works for me.

And here is a woman with a sword looking a bit destracted and bored...
And here is a scribble of mega priest, he seemed to sell really well at the comic con, its nice to see people latching onto characters, specially when their mine.


A whole load of shmeh

mmmm Girls gorls girls... i've been trying to improve my female figure art last few days and here are a few doodles, hope u like um.
First off is a quick sketch of Wilhelmina

and then a doodle with some notes, this is were i am finding a few tricks that make stuff look better, big hands and shoulders, ironically seem to work well, although best avoided in reality, unless u like the whole crying game thing...

and a few more doodles, a bit of cloth blowing in the wind a scribble of electra and a face, i really like the face sketch, its quite expressive.

Aaaaaand finally a doodle of a battered looking Wild Kat displaying some nasty looking nuckle dusters and a sketch based on a photo of Christina Aguilera. Laters folks, ill post a few more doodles on the morrow, sorry things are scarse, but I'm busy with the christmas issue atm.
Here's something my buddy Geoff dug up, some footage from the BRUMICON wooooow, we're on it too YAY


HAY YEAH WOOOO, we return in triumph from the BRUMICON 2007, much awesomeness was descovered by all...

We went allong with our posters and pictures and comics and did much selling, thanks greatly to all those who baught stuff it was great, thanks for your support and be assured more CANDLEMAN is on its way, i'm working on the Christmas special as we speak, plus other sequencial art madness, encluding zombies, space soldiers and monkeys with swords.

The show was great and we all had a fab time, I spent most of it drawing, and some of the acer ones are here on blogger NOW WOOOW, I don't really know what to say, its all been a bit overwhelming, so many great people with amazing stuff http://www.studioblinktwice.com/ really liked my stuff, god knows why...

Yay, all sorts of convention stuff.

Here are some doodles from this week

Including a new monster for CANDLEMAN at some point, Willi sporting some frilly stuff, a page of notes on an upcoming comic, a dress design for what, i dunno yet, Monkey with a sword and a manky dead bunny.



Here you go, wrap yer looking gear round all new stuff...

Check out Red Wasp, she's on her way, I'm working on a christmas issue, thats hould hopefully be out on time, its kind of overlapping the creation story I'm writing at the moment, the Christmas issue CANDLEMAN vs CHRISTMAS, started as a bit of fun and has become the ground work for a bigger story arc.
Any way, this is Debbie Hive THE RED WASP, she's an archer and super agent for the Action Hero Legue...

And another new character, just on the verger of making an appearance, Wild Kat, the main star in the christmas issue, this is a quick pen sketch I did of her a week or so ago and coloured in PS

AND HERE (bam bam baaaaaaaaaaam) Is a sneaky peak of a page from the christmas issue, well the inks any way... hope you like it! its got violance and girls in skin tight clothes, whats not to like.



Fuhinally, its actually here, the first ever ACTUAL print copy of CANDLEMAN, its turned out ok, although there are some issues with the full bleed thing on the pages, but it looks acceptable, infact it looks pretty sweet, im chuffed, so dont forget, if u want a copy, be at the INTERNATIONAL COMIC CON in BIRMINGHAM on the 13th or 14th of October this year, and part with some hard urned or hard stollen cash, eithers good :)


Its creeping closer BRUMICON!!
Dont forget that CANDLEMAN is going to be there this year, with any luck we'll have comics for you to buy, if LULU gets off its arse and ships the damn things in time, im getting stressed now and I dont like it, this is costing me shed loads :(
But never mind, come BUY some stuff



Here's a little treat for you guys, CANDLEMAN may be making some tentative steps into the world of computers, as such, my friend who is working on the models for said project knocked this up as a quick test based on the sketch from yesterday. Its only rough and he assures me it still needs alot of work, but I love it and hope you guys do too



Here's a building i knocked up last night, its based on a design a friend of mine did here > http://www.moonpiestudio.com/page5.htm
Soon to be imortalised in CANDLEMAN world... mainly cos I think its the best name for a vodka bar EVER!


Here are some caky picks I been doing latelly, just some quick ones so guys know I'm still on the case, probably more than normally actually, swhy I havent been updating my page much.

This is a rough sketch for the Candleman creation story I'm working on, hopefully to come out befor christmas this year.
Wilhelmina using her kick boxing prowess on some unfortunate monster

And here is a ninja turtle, for no reason other than, they rock and i wanted to try out some quick colour techniques, basically, he was done in inks with the shadow done in magic markers, then the colour put on using a multiply layer in PS

And here is a new baddie for CANDLEMAN, a child eating rat monster for a short intoducing FOX BOY, he's called scavenge
Hope u like my crap drawings, LATERS :)


Here u go, i did this while i was off work, i started messing in maya with a really basic version of the apc from aliens that i had made a while back, and just went to town on it to see how good i could get it to look, its not bad, and im pretty pleased with it, im sure there are a billion things wrong with it and the cue of nerds who can spot them will probably be round the block in no time, but im pleased with it. hope u like it too.

here are a few rough renders of it

Also, on the Candleman front, the comic book is done and printed, there should be, with any luck, some to buy at the comic fair, wich is creeping closer.


Here's some messing about i did years ago with a colegue from college, its basically a rip off of the Aliens film franchise, we set out to see how well we could do the effects from the movie on a non existant budget, one day, ill finish it, honest, any way here's a little trail i did with some of the footage.

ALIENS is property of TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX please dont sue me...



Here's a little space ship thing on its way to the sun, its been done for a concept I have for a new comic

and here's a bit more fooooooom !!!