Fuhinally, its actually here, the first ever ACTUAL print copy of CANDLEMAN, its turned out ok, although there are some issues with the full bleed thing on the pages, but it looks acceptable, infact it looks pretty sweet, im chuffed, so dont forget, if u want a copy, be at the INTERNATIONAL COMIC CON in BIRMINGHAM on the 13th or 14th of October this year, and part with some hard urned or hard stollen cash, eithers good :)


Its creeping closer BRUMICON!!
Dont forget that CANDLEMAN is going to be there this year, with any luck we'll have comics for you to buy, if LULU gets off its arse and ships the damn things in time, im getting stressed now and I dont like it, this is costing me shed loads :(
But never mind, come BUY some stuff



Here's a little treat for you guys, CANDLEMAN may be making some tentative steps into the world of computers, as such, my friend who is working on the models for said project knocked this up as a quick test based on the sketch from yesterday. Its only rough and he assures me it still needs alot of work, but I love it and hope you guys do too



Here's a building i knocked up last night, its based on a design a friend of mine did here > http://www.moonpiestudio.com/page5.htm
Soon to be imortalised in CANDLEMAN world... mainly cos I think its the best name for a vodka bar EVER!


Here are some caky picks I been doing latelly, just some quick ones so guys know I'm still on the case, probably more than normally actually, swhy I havent been updating my page much.

This is a rough sketch for the Candleman creation story I'm working on, hopefully to come out befor christmas this year.
Wilhelmina using her kick boxing prowess on some unfortunate monster

And here is a ninja turtle, for no reason other than, they rock and i wanted to try out some quick colour techniques, basically, he was done in inks with the shadow done in magic markers, then the colour put on using a multiply layer in PS

And here is a new baddie for CANDLEMAN, a child eating rat monster for a short intoducing FOX BOY, he's called scavenge
Hope u like my crap drawings, LATERS :)


Here u go, i did this while i was off work, i started messing in maya with a really basic version of the apc from aliens that i had made a while back, and just went to town on it to see how good i could get it to look, its not bad, and im pretty pleased with it, im sure there are a billion things wrong with it and the cue of nerds who can spot them will probably be round the block in no time, but im pleased with it. hope u like it too.

here are a few rough renders of it

Also, on the Candleman front, the comic book is done and printed, there should be, with any luck, some to buy at the comic fair, wich is creeping closer.


Here's some messing about i did years ago with a colegue from college, its basically a rip off of the Aliens film franchise, we set out to see how well we could do the effects from the movie on a non existant budget, one day, ill finish it, honest, any way here's a little trail i did with some of the footage.

ALIENS is property of TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX please dont sue me...



Here's a little space ship thing on its way to the sun, its been done for a concept I have for a new comic

and here's a bit more fooooooom !!!