Look what the tide washed in...

Its the ferosious ANGLERMAN, arch nemisis to Candleman, looks like hes had a run in with a boat propeller here, the colourings uber old school, Ive gravitated back to some ancient methods I used when I did the first Candleman comic 'darkness falls' http://www.candlemania.co.uk/comics/Candleman_01-01.html way back when, but I mixed it in with some bolder inking and a few little techneques I've picked up rescently and it looks pretty good, ive been messin with this guy on and off for years and he finally looks pretty ace, I think n e way, hop u like, see u on the morrow



A colour version of Candleman swinging dramatically into action. GOO GOO MANDLECAN GOOO



Logun. A little exploration of better shading in the hope of acheaving more threedomentionalityatude in my stuff, Hope you like him.

LOOK, drawings. I like the pic of Willi playing games on the floor

YAY. Lion Probably the only time I ever drew a lion and it looked rite, I think I shall draw many more and revel in my new found ability to draw large feline predators

And the mighty and eluminated legend that is CANDLEMAN swings with daring and phenominal lack of self preservation into action with a length of clothes line and a home made grappling hook :)


When I was younger soo much younger than...

Well, the weekend, erm, another year closer to death then it twas my birthday on sunday. wuhaaaagh, Im old. :( BUT as a consolation I have more DVDS than before, I got both Bad Boys films, point break and karate kid COOWOL, and as a present to you bunch o nuts, here are some drawings. :)
Ah, more wolverine and stuff, I see, like that is it? Um yes, I have been drawing marvels vertically chalenged son a bit latelly, mainly cos I like him and hes fun to draw with all that hair and anger. Watch him though, he bites.

Aaand there he is again, moving away from Logun though, I'm quite pleased with the pose of the girl sitting in the top centre of the page, might have to do a bigger version at some point as thats only a teeeny weeny likle study.

(contains swearing) Not by me, by Spider, thouting rood words in the corner, bad man. Ahaaany hoo, these are face studys really, trying to keep my style but get variation, its a trap that looms, u keep a style by drawing the same head on everyone. hmmm, danger DANGER!
And now, back to work, keep yer looking balls aimed at the puter screen for more arty drawing typ things, see u later


MMMM back in the room...

Here we go then, sorry I didn't post yesterday, er, no excuse, just couldn't be bovered. AAAhny wuhay, here are a bunch o sketches i are dune wive me pencil and vat innit. sorry, its like chave speak, erch. Ok, so this is a pic I did last night whilst waiting for my girlfriend to come home from here show, its sposda be Wilhelmina, when I did it I wasnt sure I liked it, but this morning I do, so that's a good sign I think.

If a drawing survives the night test its good, you know, you've done it, you do a pic the night before, go to bed thinking its the best thing u ever did, get up the next day and take one look at it and think, hay that sucks. Well, I like most of these as a whole, so yay for me.

Here's a babe with a samurai sword and knitting needles in her hair, dunno why, it just happened :)

Aaaand heres some more doodles, Ive just been getting myself back on track with faces and generally good pics the last day or so, I again have felt like I've been losing direction and focus in my art and again I have the feel that i have recaptured it on these pages in the last day or so. Partly I feel due to some inspiring visuals from folks like this
One of whome works with me YAY
See u on the morrow kids I'm of to level up in art :)


SO. Got bored, and did some doodles. Here's a run down hose on the edge of a cliff. It was drawn starit off in ink, and I actually dont hate it , usually I cant draw architecture for love nor money, but it looks kinda cool and brooding and I like it, the tree and tire swing were an after thought and put in in PS
The same house in the snow, I like snow it always looks cool.
And heres a little Candleman contemplating swinging between buildings on a rope, and its raining. I like big neon signs, so i drewed one :)


Bin messin with my posing the last day or so. Also trying to improve the way my figures are assembled
Here are some girls

And here is Wolverine, apparently he's the best, but he's got big claws, soo, im not gonna argue :)


CLaude verses a big assed snake while spouting profanity yay, cant beat that

And Candleman minus his helmet falling through the air for no apparent reason other than it was a cool pose :)


mmmmm cock tail

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I been trying to improve my inking, sigh... any way heres a colour pic of Kameko Lynx, AHL enforcer, clearly attending some swish swarey, and mayby on the hunt for unlicensed heroes. :-)
And now, Candleman, minus helmet and apparel, holding onto a beer in his socks, the beer isnt in his socks, he is, and he's holding a beer in his hands wilst being in his socks


The way of the occult tiger is difficult and full of stripes...

Here's a little shoaline Monk dude I drewed last night. I doodled his face and liked it and the rest kinda just followed. I dont draw monks too often, dunno why as shoalin monks kick ass quit litterally

Again, more stuff I dont usually drawm gandalf and a few other bits n bobs
Aaaand more doodling featuring baps, wabs, cuzingers, whoo boos, and breasts. Joking aside though, I really like the face on the drawing of Kaneko on the right, really hit the nail bang on ther I feel.


By the power of gay skull, it SHEMAN! erm... yes well, I don't think shes a man .
I drewed this yesterday with my pencils and sort of rediscovered it last night, and sat looking at it, decided it was pretty sweet and put a tone more detail onto it, she looks kinda cool, hope u likes it, and dont worry, she's not a man... honest



So, when I was drawing that picture the other week, I knew there was something funky going on with Valery's shoulder, by the time I'd printed it out I had it figured, god I'm slow, so I did this correctional pencil, just to demonstarte that my anatomy knowledge hasnt plunged too far into the land of CRAP
And, I have also done THIS!
I gave Valery a bit more semblance of a costume, a tiny bit more practical than two coins and a pair of pants. She's using her Valkeiri voice powers here, on some poor sap off shot. :)
Hope you likes it



Hay ho. Haven't done much of note really in the last day or so, bin working on things for our next game. AAAny way, I have been doing some new stuff for the comic CANDLEMAN - INFERNO.
And here it is.


I built the space craft in Maya and took a screen shot of it to get the perspective right on the complex shapes. I then inked it and scanned it back in. I used blue lines to I could easily seperate out the computer generated space craft leaving the line art.

The final image appears as a models on a table in Hoffmans office. But here it is as an image on its own, as I liked the texture of the paper created by the rescan and the shade of blue that had been created I did some playing about with fades and screens etc and made, I think, a quite pleasing image.

Right, now, first off, dont take this the wrog way, I know theres alot, well more than alot of people out there a billion times better than me, I'm in no possition to preach about how to do stuff... but, I also know, from personal experiance, learning how to make your colour work look good is a god damn nightmare, I rememner spending hours, hell I still do, looking at peoples picks going, how the fuck they do that? well, heres a few of the things I've learned in the last year or so, some of it is techneques I developed my self, some of it is just preffured ways of working and alot of it is secrets tips and tricks given to me buy the masters here in our art department. I had to travel high into the mountains and the snowy peaks, to a secret dojo of art to bring back some of these tips, so... take a look.

And here's the final image. HAVE AT THEE!!