I'm sorry I havnt put anything up in ages, but the simple fact is, I havnt drawn anything that didnt resemble a staming heap of poo in about a week or more now. SO I'm affraid offerings to the god of art are slim :(



I have been aproosing the internet and looking at awesome art, and I have glimpsed the truth.
I REALLY REALLLY SUCK, this is the key to advancement, know your crap and then aim to be better.


More doodles, some soldiers this time and a cacky picture of Batman



And yes, I know its wednesday, and yes, I wish it was friday, so in light of it being a dark and brooding middle of the week, here are a picture. :)
A page full of scribbles and doodlings, I hope you like them, I like most of them, start to lose it in the bottom left corner though, more tomorrow, honest :)


more doodlings

Im sorry the work is a bit o a trickle at the mo, but I'm busy with work at the mo. :( guhay


woowhoo more drawings

not much to say really, just, here are some more doodles from over easter.


Candleman, yes, no shit. Well, heres some pics I did over easter, woow, I like um, hope you do too :)


happy tuesday

Here's a doodle from my little scribble book of ideas. Candleman falls into a wishing well and finds a door way, were does it lead? what adventures shal it wrech forth what horrors creep and scuttle and lurk within its shadowy depths. Dunno, but I'm intregued