More mythology

YAY! more monsters and shtuff!


Snakes and ladders

Yay Medusa!

Not much else to say really...


Crumbling angel

Did this little doodle in my sketchy book, thats right, I've started a sketch book, mostly I just use loose paper, but i fell in love with some of the bigger moleskin books and have made myself doodle in them for a bit, just to have a nice collection of pics really.
I liked this and coloured it up, hope u likes too :)


bloody bones!

Here is a prelim doodle for a short Candleman adventure.
As with last years comic con I want to do a short promo comic and this looks like it may well be it. Its based around the Irish folk legend of Rawhead and Bloody bones a kind of child eating monster who likes dark and damp places.



Here is Candlemans new nemisis for Staying in the light, in the process of leveling up!
It was my little first stab at inking and colouring the huge epic.