I took that rough pencil of Wild Kat looking moody and tarted it up, hope you like it, the print will most likelly be on sale at Brumicon


Mmmm chips with that?

Ah, fish men, you can never go wrong, i've always got a soft spot for these guys as monsters, there is always something mingin about drippin fish creatures. This one appears to be a little bit of a trucker or something, I'm not sure what the deal with the belt buckle is, but hay, never mind eh :)

Also, I have made my first post on http://outofnothingart.blogspot.com/



A painting I did yesterday, based on some ideas Mr Jackson (http://curiousravings.blogspot.com/) and I have been chucking back and forth, based around were wolves in the mid west, i do love were wolves so, BEST HORROR BADDY EVA!



Here is a digital painting for a cover to a later issue of Candleman, took a couple of hours, i'm quite pleased with it, it turned out well, her name is Philippa Pots!


some doodles...

Wild Kat moodily looking off into the distance and balancing inprobably on a post, always looks cool :)


Candleman doing his best to promote himself

He will punch crime and he has punched crime, how well it works out after he punches crime, is often anyones guess!



welcome to the acadamy

Inspired by a trip to our wedding venue of all things, on the way out there i saw a roundabout with a monument comemorating an early jet fighter, and being all Treked up at the moment I invisioned a monument sporting a star ship and felt it should be in the grounds of the starfleet acadamy and so i did this quick painting in my lunch break :)


More space stuff...

Here is a rough character sketch for a story that Brian came up with and I've been on and off trying to get a handle on for ages, this guy is an alien criminal left to rot on a deep space prison colony...

and this, is a little PS painting I did based on the tv series Enterprise

And here is a sketch in honour of the snow and the kick ass people who braved it this week! Kurt Russell as R.J.Macready in the thing, probably my favorite move hero, what a stone cold bad ass!



I have been watching massive amounts of star trek latelly and couldn't help myself!
here's a little pic of the classic Enterprise boldly going!


And it keeps going!

The never ending inking!


At Brumicon09...

With luck, hard work and a following wind, it will be likelly that you will see this image wrapped around a hefty full colour tome... Debbie helped me iron out things that i felt weren't working, allot of people liked the cover with Willi's face on, but it just wasnt working, so, with some help from Debz and comments from a few other peeps I think we've found an awesome cover for the first Candleman graphic novel.

And for those people who liked the other image, me included, its not gone, reassigned to a rather natty inner page that I think looks pretty sweet, hope you guys like it too, all comments welcome, positove and negative alike!


OMF my brain is hurting...

Covers... its like some kind of nightmare trying to come up with something that conveys a bit of the contents without giving away all of it and is also visually dynamic, colourful and eye catching, if anyone needs me i'll be laying down in the dark some where...