Ahh, Laaandaan I love her soo.

Debbie rescently finished her show, Jekyll and Hyde so i was inspired to do a little doodle of the evil alter ego of Jekyll


Corner of a page...

Did this on the corner of a page, Captain America in some kinda home made old school costume of coolness, say no to lycra!


Batter up!

messin about with some figuritive scetching last night and it spawned this which I quite liked so I posted it, hope u likes it too :)


Ahh Anubis... I might of known

I love ancient Egypt , so no surprises Candleman staying in the light has its share of mummies and such related hammer style crap, here is a rescently inked page from the afformentioned graphictastic novel thing featuring your favorite god of the afterlife Anubis all ready to weigh yer heart against a feather!