More Jag-Wah's

Here is a bigger more polished pic of my latest villan :)


Steaming hot...

Go3 and I have been hammering together the outline for Candlemans creation, so that when I eventually finish Staying in the light, we will be hot to trot with the prequel.
This is Jag-Wah, she is gonna be a minor villain in the creation story, I doodled this head shot and thought it deurved colouring, hope you like :)


Taste my Colt!

In a direct response to big meaty guys with huge guns running about slowly and grunting expletives.
I whittled out of pencil and paper and a slice of Photoshop Colt Forteskque, devil hunter! windswept and poetic, he enjoys fishing reading Keats and hunting down rogue monsters with his modified revolver in a world turned upside down by the armies of darkness :)
Hope you like him!


super trooper!

Lets hope this guys beams dont find you! he looks a bit scary, i dont really know where he came from, i just felt like doodling a scary looking minion type guy, he's in the rain, he's got a face like a dead cylone, none of these things can be good!



In light of the up coming Hulk film I did a little doodle.
I'm gonna stir controversy and say I actually really liked the Ang Lee Hulk film, the high brow attempt at story telling balanced the savage simplicity of the titular Hulk, and I thought it was a great movie. Due to its poor reception I am worried that the sequil will be foar simpler, dwelling less on Banners termoil and psychology and turning into a brawl between two huge crappy cg creatures, I'm not conviced by the new look of hulk or Abomination.
On the subject of whome, why do we have to have a villain who is basically a mirror of the Hulk, making the conflict into a slug fest, I'm sure someone like MODOK (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.O.D.O.K.)would be a far more interesting villain for the big green to pit himself agains, oh well, we shal see, i just hope its a valid sequel to a film that raised my opinion of one of the Marvel greats.


Four eyed and fangy!

Here is a little section from a new post on http://igetthepicture.blogspot.com/
Charley and me are about to beguin a new chalenge MONSTER drawing!


WILD KAT reviewed!

Revised and redesigned!
Me and a friend are messing with some ideas for a mahusive Candleman story, that wont be on the cards for a few years yet, but I couldn't resist redesigning Wild Kat, her costume colours are due to the fact that this is gonna be mainly set in snow, so I thought a snow tiger influence made sence, as for the crazy gold watch band style utility belts all over her, I love that whole Jack Kirby, shiny metal and wild ass costume design and thought it could be fun to go to town with tones of little storage belts, hell she's even got one round her sweed, I'm CAZY!
Hope you like!


Am I just all scew wiff here?

Everytime I do something that I am margenally proud of it never gets a single comment, but if I pump out some random turd of a drawing, it always seems to get nice coments 'well done! good job!' wtf, am I taking crazy pills!
Aaany way, aside from my moment of madness, here is a shiny pic I did the other night, I was origonally going to use the characters in this for the colab comic I am doing, KUNG FU nun is a comic character from Candlemans universe, a rival studios attempt to rival Mega Priest! As i said, I quite like how this turned out, so i expect no coments!
Here am another pic I did tuther day, again, trying to get me a cholour technique thats fast and filled with pop, this is a achracter my company did a few years ago, Jo Dark, this is my crazy version of her :)


Just call us Shield!

More colouring ins! Hello there, I am trying to make sure that my colour work am good enough to do the upcoming Candleman, I keep waving this infront of you I know, and I've already had folks going, WHERE IS IT!, well thing is, it really is a mega opus and I'm still in the pencils stage I'm affraid, so yer just gonna have to wait as is up to 80 pages so far and still romping along its gonna be a massive amount of work.
But please, stick close, as it goes along, I'll keep you updated and I promis it will be worth it.
In other comic news, the latest printed Candleman is done ( CANDLEMAN VS CHRISTMAS) and will be on sale at Birmingham comic con this year, for info, go here; http://www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/
I hope to see you all there and giving me money in exchange for sequential art :)



Here is a panel from the new Candleman, got to admit, ots probably one of my favourites so far, I just love this guy, he's a complete background character, but he just looks soo funny, it turned out great, its funny, its one of the parts of the comic I really had no idea what to do with, I started doodling it last night and it just kicks ass, cant help looking at this page and grinning.
Hopefully the readers will too.
Laterz peeps



toying around with what to do for the colour in Candleman, as a test I did this work up of a sketch of Emma frost I did a while back, kinda looks pretty sweet.
Hope you all am like it :)



Of that sword, here is a pencil drawing i did the other day when i was bored. I decided it rocked so I coloured it up, hope u am likes :)


The new Indi film's on its way like a big fat rolling bolder tumbling toward us and the hype threatens to crush us all.
Despite the fact that I kind of live in terror of Indi 4, what with the whole star wars shambles, yeh, I remember thinking, its star wars, how can u screw it up... and we all know how that turned out, and this has lucas involved too, so, it could go either way.
That said, i couldn't help myself, I started doodling Dr Jones and it just went from there... wonder if he drinks rolling rock?
Laterz BUY!


I'm a ninja... you can't see me

As I have started work on my sword wielding monkey project, I thought I'd go mental on ninjas and stuff for a bit, you know, get in the zone.
So here is a snow ninja, unlike common ninja, the snow ninja is clad predominantly in white, unlike its black or dark blue clad counterpart.
The snow ninja is often found at high altitudes or in tundra reagons, they are recognised by their pentient for hunting monkeys with swords!


here is summin from a while ago...

This is a rough colour test for Willi from way back, looks pretty sweet, so, I'll probably revive this technique for SITL, hope u like :)