Till Inferno hits your pc screan and scorches it to sh*t with its awesome brilliance, but till then i will tantalise you with more up and coming charcters...

Raven Black, otherwise known as MAGPIE, new nemisis soon to arrise, I shall tell thee no more, for now

And here's our first piece of fan art. WOOO.
Produced by Will Overton, concept artist and professional illustrator, pretty cool hu!


As you may of gathered from the massive chunk of glowy graffic crap above our heads, the time for the ne Candleman season of fun and frolics is upon us, a shiny Christmas present for us all.

But for now, here's some dripping wet guy for you, Namor the Submariner, Ive been reading the Wolverine issues of Civil War and he pos up in that so i thought ide do a version of him, first time ive tried water and got it looking ok too. Pretty pleased with this one.

WOOO 4 days till Candle


I have inked up and coloured Candleman leaping from the pencil I did way back when, came out ok, hope u like :)



Hope you all have a good holiday


Im in the process of finishing and shining up the three page candleman aceness that will be SNOW WARS, and should be here by the end of the day. :)
But in the mean time, and I mean MEAN, here are a few scribbles from the dark side of good.

Whats hot and cool all at once? Answer, hells only outcast son, Hellboy, did this the other morning as I was playing with the idea of a Batman Hellboy cross over featuring Manbat.

And that class act from Pitch Black, Riddik, the mass murderer with marble eyes who cant quite decide what side he's on. Enjoy um for the mo, and I'll be back later with COMIC



You know what would be coowol? a candleman short for Christmas, well watch this space. In the mean time, I feel lazy, here are some pancils I have pushed out in the last few days

'Ya, i heve been wierking out' Ok, a farely hulked up Spidy, but I like him, and that guy with the cool pumpkin jaw on the left of him, who looks like green goblin, but isnt, erm, you know the guy...

Smore from my sketch book, encluding that indearing simbol of American Americaness Captain America

Some pics i did whilst scanning this stuff in yesterday, featuring a pick of me in my current bierdyness

And a pencil of Mr Lucifer, develish harasser of men wearing Candles everywere. :)


Here you go then, as i said, there's a little Christmas pressie on its way to the world, if ever the find this godamn page, in the form of a 3 page festive fun fest from Candleman, here's a finished panel, it shuld be up in time for the weekend, hope you all love it, dont be expecting much of a story now folks, just nice art and sillnes. :) Go WILLI GO



At the bottom of the post, just to make you scroll through my tripe hahahahahah...
So INFERNO, its a nice word, conjures up lovely warm images of burning buildings and Steve Mcqueen with a fire axe, but also, it represents soo much more. To the trained eye, that glow on the horizon indicates the greatest comic event in the history of the world, or maybe not, you'll just have to read it and find out, but till that grand day hits us sqarely between the gnads with a clenched fist full of awesomitude, here are some picks to be getting on with...

Yay, HELLFISH, soon to be appearing in Candleman, how? you ask, followed by, who is he? and why? all shall be revealed, do not fret, in the meen time, just bask in the glorry of its much improved colouring (scroll down to see old one YIKES) hmm, I sound pleased now, give it a few months, I'll look back on him and cringe most likelly.

And here to keep him company is the oh so eluminated Candleman, all ready to battle evil on the snow swathed streets of Hope. Bah, couldnt make him as shiny as my spidermans and such as theres nos spandex, mmm :(

Speaking of Spandex, heres a classic WONDER WOMAN, its a Xmas present for a friend of mine, he likes Wonder woman, and who wouldn't, erm me, shes Amazonian, which means real tall and thats just odd...more picks

Look, the Fett, I like starwars, what can i say.

NOW GOOO to the site of Candleman and watch all new live action aceness that is 'CHAIR' go NOW www.candlemania.co.uk



Here's an idea about how we can stop drouts in 3rd world nations like parts of Africa. Space launches... no, no hear me out now. Its on the equatore for a start, so this makes it pretty ideal for launching space craft, cos it helps to have the spin of the earth behind your star ship. Now for the good part, the only by product of a rocket launch is RAIN, yeah baby, whenever they launch the shuttle in the US, thirty miles away, it rains. Apparently it wouldnt work, but I live in hope, in the mean time here are some pictures ...
Swing SPIDEEE SWING, did this little spidee dude on the yeaterday just gone, looks kinda cool, I wasnt sure about the bg, then I thought, hang on, the lights are on and its day DOH, so I went and changed it quick, hehehe im dim, hope you likes it.

And here's Robin, YAY, yeah, I know he's gay, think the pick turned out ok though, and he looks a little rugged and less of a but monkey, so thats got to be good, something cool is going on with his arm on the left of the pick, I dont know what but I like it

Right, so I'm off to pitch my idea about rain rockets to the UN, see you on the morro. :-) with Candleman colours ooooh.


Jaffa cakes

Are the smack of the biscuit world, Idare anyone not to eat a whole pack if its there infront of you...
And on that revelation, heres a spiderman i did tother day

Incase your wondering why I keep drawing characters that belong to other stuff then its simple, I like drawing marvel stuff as its a bench mark when practicing, as it exists in comic for already i can guige my drawings against them ans see were i need to improve, then apply those techniques to my own stuff. :)

Oh and here's Ash from Evil dead, no reason other than hes one of the coolest guys alive and the films kick ASS sept the first one thats just plain odd.

Dont worry, ill be gettin up some uber coloured Candleman shizzle soon,
in the mean time, go here for some class stuff that mr G03 has put together http://www.candlemania.co.uk/gallery.html some of its anciant and a little cringe worthy and some of its pretty ace, Geoff has done some sweet ass work :)



Hello. I did this yesterday, hope you like him, good ol venom, hes like an old friend, like a tick or some other kind of skin infesting parasite.
I put a bit of a halftone patern thing on it, so i could make believ that one day my stuff might actualy be printed.
Now Q and A, someone had a look at my Spidee yesterday and said that, due to the intensity of the sunlight in the image, surely the shadows would be more intence, and yes, thechnically this is true, but, as one of my mentors is fond of telling me, stuff in the fore ground is darker, so, I perposefully darkened spideys outsretched hand and left the shadows beneath him a fare bit softer, if I darkenned them any more I feel it would of flattened out the image, which is one of my nemisie when colouring. :)

Ok, heres some plugging for you, of other folks stuff for a change.
Do you feel tired of the cookie cutter of chearful hollywood animation farmed out to waige slaves in Korea, being payed by the second (of animation, thats loads by the way) to create mindless shows about how tough it is growing up in a privilaged American town, whilst your pearents are out urning more cash in their million dollar suits, flung against the angst filled drama of fighting aliens at night in a crime infested urban grot den? then fear no more the string of abjectives is over, here,s your pay off, how mint does this look? http://feed.stashmedia.tv/feed/2006/6/2/monster-samurai.html


I tell you bud, hes got radio active blood...

No, not the kgb spy guy, SPIDERMAN, for some crazy reason i went to my online folio, which hasnt been updated in forever, as you know, all the action is HERE, any way, I went to my folio and stumbled over my spiderman from forever back, and here he is

Wow, thats cheap I hear you cry, recycling something from way back when, but bare with me, there is a point, im anglin up for summit here...

Using some techniques past on to me by the art lords I have desovered nestling in a mist shrowded temple on the north face of mount Rare, I did a bit of a spanglified version of SPIDERMAN.
A friend of mine here is really good at critting my stuff and has helped me anilyse some of my own failings, for example, despite the mega perspective in the origonal pick, it still feels flat, something i tend to do in my colouring, however I think ive adressed that in the repaint, hope you all love the shit out of it :)



Yes. its the day after yesterday and its most likelly to be the day before tomorrow, but you never know.
In the land of art, things are proceeding nicely. Ive been doing some big scribbles, a daring feet for me, full a 4 draws usually bother me a bit, but, hay, gots to practice. :).
Spent last night working out how my trilogy is going to pan out and mainly how the last episode will run, ive worked them out of order mainly so i can work out how to structure the cnetral stuff, ide share some rough lay outs with you, but the stuff in them would blow the whole plot at this stage and i dont wanna do that.

Heres some stuff from yesterday afternoon, mmm girls

Here's a quick skeych of an up and coming big bad for Candleman 'SPIDER'

Few lickle picks here, including Aquaman, never really a fan, but rescently saw a pick of him by Mike Mignola, and that guy can make anything look cool, so I felt like doing a doodle of him myself

A move away from the comic standars of skinny chicks, here's Claude's lawyer, and trust me, the way the trilogys panning out, he's gonna need one.

A big pencil of Willi, so k, spose, looks a bit too much like Billy Piper though :(

A nice big pencil of Candleman

And a sexi mambo girl mmm, nice marackas



Sorry, couldnt think of a good title than todays name...
Heres some picks

Lookin at a friends desk this morning and noticed he had a load of those little hero click figures, on of which was Emma Frost, so i did a sketch of Emma, yay the Xmen RULE

Heres a picture of some army guy, can't escape um, poor b*****ds are gettin kicked for six all over the news every day

Did these this morning before I left for work, quite pleased with the up angles on the faces and the girl in her undies looks cool too, bit of red n black 80's ness going on.

And a fat security guy...


Mornin mondaze

Wow, what a weekend. Bin moving into my new house, Im hurtin in all new places :( but on the upside I have drawings for you :)

Did these a few weeks back, every one on the page seems a bit suprised, I really like the doodle of Conner peekin from under his hoody, he's up for his first appearance in the up coming web comic on
www.candlemania.co.uk sgonna be a big one this time weighing in at an arm aiching 70 pages...

Heres some doodles I did Friday night, concepts of how Willi may look in the up coming secon 2 chapters of my trilogy I have in mind...

And here, just to tantilize you a little bit more, cos talk of 70 page epics that are only the firts part of a trilogy of Candle fueled madnes isnt enough, heres a sneeky peak at one of the pages in the new saga, this is howI I wright most of the comics, as i mentioned before, I start with a basic structure in mind, then I draw the characters out and they have a conversation, and as weird as it sounds its the conversation between the two that wrights itself, for example, here I start with Candlemans reaction to the weather and his comments trigger Priests reaction and the conversation is pushed in a direction, sometimes it doesnt go were I want and thats when editing is needed :) ALot of the things I wright are done simply by presenting my character with a situation and thinking about and working out on paper how he would deal with it.


Sup folks.
Heres some doodles frpm the last day or so.

Did these yesterday, im really in the zone of pushing my style at the mo, and just trying to nail good facial stuff

This agin is mor expression stuff, i dont feel like enough modern artists realise how expressive and mobile the face is and how much it stretches and moves when its expressing.
This page gives away a bit of how i build up my comics, it usually entales me drawing things that i like at the time, at the mo there are girls in snow and creepy villains and candleman trying not to drown, I usually have a concept for a comic and then just doodle all around the idea and will free style out conversations etc in random orders on pages, and if i like um ill take it all together into the story structure I have in mind.

Heres nore scribbles, got to blow my own horn here and say I LOVE the scribble of Willi in an oversised mans hoody on the left, wonder what she thinks id so rediculous :)

Ooh, nearly forgot this one, did this before i left for work this mornin, it was based on a doodle i did yesterday, I liked it, then got to work and found the doodle and thought the doodle was way more expressive, ho hum