Hill Billy truck concept

Slammin out some new concept art stuff, here is a bit of vehicle action, kind of a grubby 4x4 owned by some creepy hill billy type


its been a long time general...

I felt the need to update the OLD blog. Sorry its been ages, but my focus is mainly directed at the candleman pages and deviant art these days, simply in the aid of getting MORE hits.

This pic is a new old character, basically, she has been floating round my head as an idea for decades, but I felt the need to revamp her and post it on tinterweb.

I hopes you likes.







I've been away for ever and SUPER lax in my postings... but mainly i have been updating my deviant page LINK! http://mightymoose.deviantart.com/
This has been posted on DevArt and seems to be dragging in massive hits WIN! Ghost was a Dark Horse character from the days of cd walkmans and shell suits, a dark period those who servived it called the nineties.
Hope you like
Crips P
EDITED! link should work now...


Fun with other peoples creations!

Hello, sorry it's been FOREVER since my last post, but things have been a tad mad!
Here are a couple of pics from the weekend, hope you like them, they are mainly just for fun.
I really liked the Batman in the colour image, with his Dark Knight inspired suit, so I kinda toulk it on into an image of its own with a rather nasty looking Joker closing in for the kill!