Would you draw forever?

So, one of my girlfriends friends asked her last night, 'so, your boy friend, does he just sit and doodle all the time?' and my girlfriend said 'yep, if he could, that's all he'd do' and you know what, she's right. If I could just draw all the time, I would... HELL YEAH

So here are some of my pics I did last night. This one features mainly Wilhelmina and in the corners of the page, a girl with guns and some doodles for a story featuring a Chupicabre

And pictures of face, faces faces faces. Some good, alot of shit :)

And my favorite page of the night. I absolutly love the gypsy girl, it just started and as a scribble and got better, came out real well, have to do an inked colour. The little overlapping Candlemans remind me of some kind of cover image. Hope you lie it :)

And here it is. Inked it up this afternoon and coloured it. Turned out ok I think :)



Doodles. Featuring She Hulk and Candleman. I drew She Hulk cos I never have, she looks kinda cool even thogh her necks a bit bigger than ger head. :)

Sabre tooth from X-men, well, the brother hood of evil mutants any way, but the x men comics, gee, put a lid on the nerdism.
Anyway, usually my drawings of him SUHUCK, but this one came out ok, so I put it up :)
And more doodles. A videos store dude and some squiggles of Genghis Kahn. What if he was a little guy?


If this even looks like its sposed to itll be a fother muckin miracle...

Did some doodles of the infamous Katherine Wield, tiger trainer and acrobat turned crime fighter.

And a little corner page doodle of Hayden Panetanipaninanananpan, well, Clair from Heroes

I liked it cos, even though its just a doodle theres something about it kinda looks like her.

And the final colour pic for the week. WORMINA. Its a zombie version of Wilhelmina, created when some cloning experiment went wrong.

Pretty chuffed with this one. I did the pic of Candleman in the grave yard and was like yeah, thats sweet, and the I just got the inking bug, so I inked up a shitty doodle from the corner of a page and it turned out ok, and then I coloured it up with some nifty back lighting and fire, that looked pretty good actually. Happy with this one :)



Here's a little added thinky.
Claire from HEROES. Man, that series is AMAZING, X-men meets unbreakable with some awesome acting and genius writing. And lets hope it goes somewere unlike LOST

Well. That got your attention. I know it did.

Today we have selection of both boobs and moobs. Here are some doodles from yesterday featuring Wilhelmina waving her arms about and sitting and Claude going FNARG, im guessing hes a bit angry about something, probably you looking at his Willi

And more nakidity.
Mainly I've just been improving my posing and anatomy, with no
desernable characters here. Just pushing the pose a bit really.

A Mayan King.

He's part of some ideas for the back story and history of Candlemans world.

And, as promissed, the second of three full colour pics that I did on Wednesday while I was having my car sorted.

Im pretty chuffed with this puppy, he turned out way
better than I'd imagined.

I hadn't intended to put him in Mega Priests grave yard, it just happened. I added in the mist for atmosphere and that reminded me of old hammer horror grave yards and the rest went from there. Its stronger with the idea of something going on, I feel.

And today I have a link for your, the fab art stylings of Mr Alan Tew

www.beeba.net go now and be awesomised :)


YOW my toe !!

Yeah, I had a good go at breaking one of my toes yesterday. :( spect I'll live though. I did it whilst INKING, woo yeah. I got some ace stuff done while I was at home having some servicing done to my car, and busting my feet.
I'm gonna be cruel and release it in dribs and drabs to you people. Starting with...

I said that the Weather girl character might well be developed into something more, well here she is, in all her lightenning powered glory.
In all honesty, this pic is ok. It was the first one of the day and it had been a while since I took a drawing all the way from pencils to this, so, thats my excuse anyway.


Ninja weather girl strikes. Stop looking at her pants or she'll strike you down.

More scribbles of yon Weather girl. :)



Some times. Quite often actually, I slip in my style and kinda feel like Ive lost something in my work. And then, sometimes, I find I've recaptured it, like this pick here, theres just something about it I like. Which for me is a nice thing, I usully don't like my work too much.
This is a news presenter/ weather girl for candleman, and who knows she may be something more in time. Man, I love developing characters. :) Hope You like her.

Possably a bit arrogant of me, but I thought I'de put up some notes on how I draw my female characters, just incase they were of use to anyonel like, how not to draw um or summit, i dont know.

I know that my fems are not that accurate anatomically, but thats a design desision more than anything. Like the tiny hips and the way thay are made out of the half crsents of the top of the legs, aint too true, but I like the look.

And more female folks and a Zombie. The Zombie is a new hero Geoff and I came up with the other day called EX-HUME. He's a zombie crime fighter, as you can imagine, being undead could be useful in a fight. And the two girls are Action Hero League agents, which means nothing to no one at the moment, but hopefully soon. It will :)


Heres some story boardy stuff for the up coming EPIC CANDLEMAN lights out movie thing.

I did the innitial drawings in indelibal pen and magic markers, then scanned it in and put the rain and higlights on in photoshop. Easier and less perminant than using tip-ex or white pencil.
Yay. Wilhelmina for the story boards. Same technique as above only with an airbrish for highlights to give her face a softer quality.

And a shiny happy picture of Tom, in the rain. Tom is Candleman, and if you dont beleave me just check out the shorts http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=geoffgilson
Have a nice weekend folks. :-)



I am living in the fear of growing a George Lucas neck.

I took a picture of me and my girlfreind the other day, and the angle of my head gave me some kinda huge neck, so I did this little pick of me, with a Snake Plisken eye patch dunno why, I like Snake, he's coowol.

And, back in film world, work creeps forward on Candleman: lights out.

Heres a page from the script, a work in progress as you'll no doubt notice a billion mistakes in spelling and gramma and its general over all basicness.

But it does have some doodles on it u may find interesting, and some little insites if you can be assed to read it.

And here is how I write. OMG!? I hear you cry, WTF is that?
This is how I write my quick ideas and dialogue, I doodle the two characters and let them chat to eachother in a situation, and as you can see it tends to wander all over the page as I think and gradually run out of paper, if you can work it out, good luck to yah :)


Hmmm. Now heres a little tease from me to you, cos your speacial

A little screen shot from the pre production stuff for CANDLEMAN : Lights out, the first candleman movie.

Im considering doing it in black and white, I dont know why, but when i started thinking about the opening sequence, i just started seeing it in black n white, like citizen kanem and now I just can't shake the image.


HI there.

Today we present breasts!. Here's a pic I did yesterday of an Aztec princess. At the mo I'm re exploring the core ideas of the Candleman universe amd having a look at ancient cultures and cool stuff with skulls and blood and gold, which the Aztecs and all those folk were quite big on. As for the boobies, well them tribal types especially a few thousand years ago didnt have wonder bras to my knowledge any way, but you never know, archiology may yet surprise us.

And an evolution of the above princess, now in warrior form, and ok, ok, i covered her hoo harrs this time. Would make sence for fighting, you dont want um gettin in the way of guttin lopped off. :)

Mainly depicting Gerald Moogue, origonally called Morgue, a character from one of my Candleman draft scripts, he gets hold of some ancient Mayan glove things and uses them for EVIL


Hi guys.

Did a lickle pick of WONDER WOMAN

just a quick pencil really, for my girl friend. We just got a copy of Justice league heros and Debbie likes Wonder woman, so i did this as a warm up and a pressie all at once.

Yup, Superman. Another pic done for someone. This is for a buddy o mine who's working at Aardman at the mo and there for I havent spoken to him much, but hes a big fan of superman, so i did him a quick sketch this mornin.

More doodloodles from this mornin.

Most of um are Azteky kinda Mayan things based around Willhelmina's long lost relitives and the origin of Hero's in the CM universe


WTF?! what a POS

Has the world gone totally and unsparingly totally NUCKIN FUTS! ( that’s an anagram, a real subtle one.)

I’m sorry to turn this little haven of art goodness into a platform for my political ranting, but day by day, HOUR BY HOUR I find us, and our little happy clappy chav (see Jade Goody) ridden society sliding relentlessly down the gravelly slopes of doom toward the ever beckoning hot bacon smelling gape of the mouth of hell!

STARGATE, I was watching it the other night, the series now, not the movie, and there between the witty lines and brilliant dialogue, a mystery was solved, the mystery of why our news is soo full of dire consequences. A character on the show pointed out, there are two ways to maintain controle over a society, 'fear' or 'hope', geee. Wonder which one their using on us, when the TV continuously drones on about 'bombings, terrorists, pedophiles’, mass murderers, lack of prisons, psychos on the streets, bird flue, gun crime, stabbings and lest we forget global warming'.
The irony is, that governments who do this tend to be forgotten quickly and we remember the nice guys who were pretty upbeat, Like JFK and Churchill. JFK told everyone we could go to the moon and that we should work together to build a better world, not build fences to keep um out. And Churchill kept every one smiling even when the Nazis were practically at the door.
So basically, my message is this. IT'LL BE OK. Terrorism will die, and end, or change or something, the pedophiles’ will get arrested, and we'll deal with global warming and find a better happier warmer world on the other side. So don#t listen to Tony’ propaganda, life’ too short to be dragged down by it all.

Now then.
Here's what we're here for. ART. Having mentioned terrorists and Peado's I'd better post something before the stealth Blackhawk helicopters lower men in cammo onto my house and glove up for a full body cavity search.

Did this this morning. Its a sketch I did a while back and I just found myself inking it. IN A COMPUTER. The ink line work is actually done in PS, which is a first. Penny Arcade do it all the time, but I never felt able to do it, TILL today. Its not great, I feel maybe in places it lacks a little bit of dynamic, but over all its come out better than I would of hoped. :)

Here's a sketchbook doodle of a girls bum. Hmm. Just a look at how trousers pull and fold really.

And a picture of an Egyptian style warrior girl. As I mentioned in my previouse rant, I've been watching Stargate, so I'm in a bit of an ancient Egypt mode at the mo.


I've always loved the Dark Knight, The first comic hero I really followed. I always liked the idea that he was just a guy, not a super alien from another world who gets his powers from earths sun.

Anyway, figure I'll take you through this sucker stage by stage.

It started as a rough pencil sketch of the Dark Knigh and at this stage ive scanned it (obveously) and have but in the primary shadows. I always do this before I colour it., coming soon. COLOUR ooooh.

See you later :)