Off for Christmas

Although away from the humming throng of computers and the cutting edge of technology, I am still using my time wisely, here is a pic of some inking for staying in the light WOOT! it crawles ever onward


Twas a dark and stormy night...

Candleman and Wilhelmina stand on the threshold of more whacked out adventures back lit by spooky clouds!


Full moon in an ancient jungle

Tooled up with all kinds of magical uh, tools, the ancient and sexy warrior lady stands and looks out over her domain, shrowded in night and fire fly's, hope you like it :)


yay for Hammer...

I did a little pencil sketch of a girl with some knives and then decided to tart it up in a paintilly kinda way, it's not amazing, but I learned alot doing it and have the feaver for doing some more.

When I'de coloured it I thought, this reminds me of the old Hammer films, like blood from the mummies tomb and stuff so I bunged a silly tag line ot 2 on it and made it into a poster type dealio.

Hope you like :)



I am not condoning the TV movie that was Terminator 3 (erch) no, simply, I was toyiong about with my female figure drawing and it turned into a gun toting naked chick and that just made me think of the Connor chronicals, so i did an inked version and used to try some colour stuff i've been working on, you may have seen some newish techniques in the Moose picks, well i wanted to see if I could use them to do other lighting conditions, such as moody darkness, and it worked, hope you like this CP



WORD! Moose got some impressive hits, well 4, so i did more, i'm such a hooker, anything for cash...
Anyway, here is Moose, looking a tad worse for wear, enjoy!



Here's a little group shot I had in my sketchbook and coloured up using some sligtly differnt techniques, hope u like :)
The world of Candleman is pretty massive and I have have a huge story arc roughed out, so most of what u see in these pages will come into play one day in some shape or form :)