Fuhinally, its actually here, the first ever ACTUAL print copy of CANDLEMAN, its turned out ok, although there are some issues with the full bleed thing on the pages, but it looks acceptable, infact it looks pretty sweet, im chuffed, so dont forget, if u want a copy, be at the INTERNATIONAL COMIC CON in BIRMINGHAM on the 13th or 14th of October this year, and part with some hard urned or hard stollen cash, eithers good :)

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Geoff said...

Mmm! Sweet cover!
I hope I get to see it before you sell them all at the Comic Con mate! The con looks like it'll be awesome, but I still don't know if I'll be up to going. I'm going to be on serious meds for a few more months.
And if you were wondering, --yes--, there will be a website update really soon. Shedding some light on my end of the situation. :)

Peace, buddy.