Chuching wogga wogga bling bling boik shwatang

And other such noises that haunt me after my trip to LAS VEGAS, having boored the ever loving shit out of the people here in work, I move onto the bigger populouse!
Yes, my girlfreand and I spent the new year in Las Vegas with some friends and it was TOTALLY BAD, uh, as in good! any way, here are some pics...
This was Venice, INSIDE the Venisian hotel, that sky is a painting WOW

And for the geeks amongst us, of which i am proudly one, the Star Trek experience ACE, Quarks bar and the enterprise

And here's what we are here for. ART WORK!
Here's a sneaky peak at a splash for the inside of the next comic book starring the almighty CANDLEMAN, hope u like it, laters :)

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