Here are some more critters and doodles, I havnt had much time to do any finished stuff what with work and life and such, but there will be some, inks and colours and shizzle heading u way soon.
now, thats my guilt delt with, here's an aliens mouth, a scribble from a story board i was messing with :)

And a werewolf, one of my favourite horror animals, their bad ass!
And here is a sexy lady, incase you felt a little cheated, its Wilhelmina, I'm trying to work up a story I wrote AGES ago and frankly, a great one for Candleman, this is a sketch of Willi in her sexy night gown, its based on (as is the whole story) those fab 60's and 70's Hammer horror films where the girls run about in nighties the whole time, BRILL, as you can see though, she doesn't look like she's in the mood for messin, good o'l WIlli.

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