Right, rock n roll, here is some happy shiny colourful shit! I been off on another one of my Marvel trips this week, cos their characters are fun to draw, this is Psylocke, she was always one of my faves and she was always so FIHINE. This was a relitivly qick pen sketch that I really liked and took to the next faze, I really like her face, it turned out well.

And this is one of my own little dudes. Knight Staff, he was a hero with the Action Hero League back in the day, this is just the inks, but I will tart it up at some point, I thought I'd ram a bit of me own stuff on there cos I know Mr Jackson gets disappointed in me and my Marvel obsession.

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BIGsheep said...

Very colourful indeed. Those backgrounds you've been doing recently really do bring out the main characters.