MOOOOHAHAHAHAHA, clearly goes with these two. These are inked up versions of some doowidles I did tuther day, I decided to refresh myself with some colour, Ide forgotten loads of how to actually do comic style colours, as theres not much call for it on my current stuff, I actually had to dig out a few old PSD's and go through the layers to try and nember how I did it., any way. Im guite pleased with the right hand picture, the buildings are a bit cack, but their there just as a test really.
Theres no perticular reason I did the green goblin, other than I love him, specially the Humberto Ramos version, cos he looks totally brutal. If any one has any questions about the techniques in the pictures please ask using the comment box below :)

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Charles Goatley said...

Cool stuff, man...
You can almost hear the cackling laughter come from his mouth!
I could get off my backside and just walk ten metres to your office to say that but I thought I'd return the compliment you left to my blog :)