INFERNO... its still going honest

Hello there. Yes. To be honest, I've no idea what is going on with the CANDLEMANIA site at the moment, I am both annoyed and upset by its apparent desertion. I feel it is a great shame that having spent 3 years setting up a fan base the site has evidently died. The comic has not. My work continues. Ideally I would like to continue the Cmania site as we know it, but that looks like it is not going to happen, I plan one last ditch attempt to revive my friend and get the comic moving again, but, if that fails, then I intend to continue it here as it has been for the last 2 weeks.

Candleman is something I beleave in and a story that needs to be told, and its unfortunate that the first attempt to actually tell the saga seems to have met with resistance from within. Ho hum, never mind, I just jope that I can drum up viewers.

On with the art, the pic is a promo image I created for the comic using a grab of the inks from a page I was working on, the image is designed to be 2 pannels, but I thought that the image of Candleman and Lucifer looked so cool it desurved to be reworked as a stand alone image.

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