HAY YEAH WOOOO, we return in triumph from the BRUMICON 2007, much awesomeness was descovered by all...

We went allong with our posters and pictures and comics and did much selling, thanks greatly to all those who baught stuff it was great, thanks for your support and be assured more CANDLEMAN is on its way, i'm working on the Christmas special as we speak, plus other sequencial art madness, encluding zombies, space soldiers and monkeys with swords.

The show was great and we all had a fab time, I spent most of it drawing, and some of the acer ones are here on blogger NOW WOOOW, I don't really know what to say, its all been a bit overwhelming, so many great people with amazing stuff http://www.studioblinktwice.com/ really liked my stuff, god knows why...

Yay, all sorts of convention stuff.

Here are some doodles from this week

Including a new monster for CANDLEMAN at some point, Willi sporting some frilly stuff, a page of notes on an upcoming comic, a dress design for what, i dunno yet, Monkey with a sword and a manky dead bunny.

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DaveY said...

Hehe, that Mega Priest guy is cool. Bringing with him a holy justice.

I'm one of the animators at Dinamo by the way. I'd been to Candleman's place of residence here on the net a couple of times and Ryan pointed me this way. Cool stuff!