A whole load of shmeh

mmmm Girls gorls girls... i've been trying to improve my female figure art last few days and here are a few doodles, hope u like um.
First off is a quick sketch of Wilhelmina

and then a doodle with some notes, this is were i am finding a few tricks that make stuff look better, big hands and shoulders, ironically seem to work well, although best avoided in reality, unless u like the whole crying game thing...

and a few more doodles, a bit of cloth blowing in the wind a scribble of electra and a face, i really like the face sketch, its quite expressive.

Aaaaaand finally a doodle of a battered looking Wild Kat displaying some nasty looking nuckle dusters and a sketch based on a photo of Christina Aguilera. Laters folks, ill post a few more doodles on the morrow, sorry things are scarse, but I'm busy with the christmas issue atm.
Here's something my buddy Geoff dug up, some footage from the BRUMICON wooooow, we're on it too YAY

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