I did this yesterday... I saw on the Forbidden planet website that they are bringing out an inflatable Elite energy sword from Halo, AWESOME, so I was inspired to draw one of my favourite and feared characters from the origonal game, the terrorfying SWORD DUDE, if you haven't played the Halo games you should, these feckers are a menace, usually equiped with a cloaking device and a lethal double edged lazer blade they have a nasty habbit of striking you dead before you even know about it and the only hint is the base heavy 'WUD WUD WUD' sound before they strike, they took out the alien language stuff in the sequils and I miss it, so I put it in here, any way...

The pic...it was a pretty rough pencil sketch then I inked in in a Jack Kirby influenced stylee and coloured it with felt tips, brave of me, running the risk of knackering the drawing completely, then I tweeked it in PS, puting in some glows the grass and the nice colour fades, all in all, I'm genuinly chuffed with this little guy, hope you like it too.


Ash Collins said...

sweet drawring, even if halo is a big pile of shit

Ken said...

this little guy rocks, I dig his big swordy thing... Not played halo, played some halo 3 but im crap at those kinda games, Im more of a beat em up player!

Nice work dooood