Here's a little summit I knocked out with my powerful right hand over the course of a lunchtime, its not finished, but took 40 minuets from pencil to the level its at now, all I gots to do now is put a nice background in and polish it up a bit, hope u like the old captain america, I just love his naff old costume
An here is the final, I managed to finish it before the end of dinner actually, it turned out ok too, i'm quite happy with the rock, it looks good.


Ryan Neal - said...

Now that is nice sir... NICE.

Although, I feel a slight tear form in my eye in remberance of said hero.

By the way... I have blogspot! - http://ryanjneal.blogspot.com


Ken said...

marvel should hire you to do a comic sometime - serious! would love to see a full marvel comic in this style

Draw Wolverine!! PLease???

Ash Collins said...

goddamn you, it takes me hours to do anything nearly as good as this. good show sir!

BIGsheep said...

That is absolutely cracking. I'm not even really a Cap fan but I'm lovin' it.