Check it out!! New Candleman full colour short YAY, it's a pre-emptive strike toward the forshadowing and heralding of the massiah of comics CANDLEMAN V'S CHRISTMAS! which, as Geoff says, creeping slowly toward us as inevitably as an ice age, and just as fast, it may be here for christmas... it may not, you'll have to wait and see, any way, for now, the four pager is here WWW.CANDLEMANIA.CO.UK, its censored at the mo on Candleman's home page as it features boobies and clearly, our web hosts are GAY and dont like boobies, but it should only mildly dent your enjoyment of said comic CANDLEMAN:THE STRANGE CASE OF THE ACTION HERO LEAGUE AND DOC WIRLWIND. If you wish to see the well rendered juggs on page 4, then you have 2 options, print it out and draw your own on, or go here and pretend to be an adult ComicSpace.com

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