Check it out, THE MOOSE! He's a character I developed years ago and worked on with some top buddies in college, its been a while since he had an outing, here he is in technicolour glory

And here is pencil sketch of Scorpius from Farscape, i've been working my way through the series on dvd, as Debbie hasn't seen it, she loves it and I am loving rediscovering its thourally origonal genius, and here's old scorpy, one of the coolest villains in a show ever


Ryan Neal - said...

He's back!!!!

Looking awesome too. Slightly more edgy and darker, I like it very much! It's refreshing to see him in the same light as he was in college, bad ass and packing heat!

Ash Collins said...

dude. sweet. moose rocks. do you know how the stuff that Dinamo is doing is looking?

Ken said...

arrrg!! I missed all your updates.

Total Moose is totally rad! Love the design