Ok, here you go, more delectable visual treats, even though I'm still to ascertain what the point of my blog is...as at the moment I seem to be getting as many hits as a pinata at a party for blind quadroplegics... so in that spirit we set forth...here are some cack sketches that no one will ever see.
First off some doodles, mainly featuring girls, girls bottoms and boobs. My fave is the sketch at bottom middle, the girl in the dress, it just works for me.

And here is a woman with a sword looking a bit destracted and bored...
And here is a scribble of mega priest, he seemed to sell really well at the comic con, its nice to see people latching onto characters, specially when their mine.


A whole load of shmeh

mmmm Girls gorls girls... i've been trying to improve my female figure art last few days and here are a few doodles, hope u like um.
First off is a quick sketch of Wilhelmina

and then a doodle with some notes, this is were i am finding a few tricks that make stuff look better, big hands and shoulders, ironically seem to work well, although best avoided in reality, unless u like the whole crying game thing...

and a few more doodles, a bit of cloth blowing in the wind a scribble of electra and a face, i really like the face sketch, its quite expressive.

Aaaaaand finally a doodle of a battered looking Wild Kat displaying some nasty looking nuckle dusters and a sketch based on a photo of Christina Aguilera. Laters folks, ill post a few more doodles on the morrow, sorry things are scarse, but I'm busy with the christmas issue atm.
Here's something my buddy Geoff dug up, some footage from the BRUMICON wooooow, we're on it too YAY


HAY YEAH WOOOO, we return in triumph from the BRUMICON 2007, much awesomeness was descovered by all...

We went allong with our posters and pictures and comics and did much selling, thanks greatly to all those who baught stuff it was great, thanks for your support and be assured more CANDLEMAN is on its way, i'm working on the Christmas special as we speak, plus other sequencial art madness, encluding zombies, space soldiers and monkeys with swords.

The show was great and we all had a fab time, I spent most of it drawing, and some of the acer ones are here on blogger NOW WOOOW, I don't really know what to say, its all been a bit overwhelming, so many great people with amazing stuff http://www.studioblinktwice.com/ really liked my stuff, god knows why...

Yay, all sorts of convention stuff.

Here are some doodles from this week

Including a new monster for CANDLEMAN at some point, Willi sporting some frilly stuff, a page of notes on an upcoming comic, a dress design for what, i dunno yet, Monkey with a sword and a manky dead bunny.



Here you go, wrap yer looking gear round all new stuff...

Check out Red Wasp, she's on her way, I'm working on a christmas issue, thats hould hopefully be out on time, its kind of overlapping the creation story I'm writing at the moment, the Christmas issue CANDLEMAN vs CHRISTMAS, started as a bit of fun and has become the ground work for a bigger story arc.
Any way, this is Debbie Hive THE RED WASP, she's an archer and super agent for the Action Hero Legue...

And another new character, just on the verger of making an appearance, Wild Kat, the main star in the christmas issue, this is a quick pen sketch I did of her a week or so ago and coloured in PS

AND HERE (bam bam baaaaaaaaaaam) Is a sneaky peak of a page from the christmas issue, well the inks any way... hope you like it! its got violance and girls in skin tight clothes, whats not to like.