SHWING for a new character and a revised existing one...

Check it out, a whole new character for the Candleman universe NINJA NUN, she's gonna appear in the Mega Priest section of the world as a kind of cross over character, hence her costumes more risque as its kind of a dream world and the universe is themed around cleshes in comics.. yada yada deep meaningful crap, i like fishnets and babes so there she is, kinki samurai nun lady...

And here's a redesign of an up and coming comic saga for CANDLEMAN, Red Wasp, I just had some fun with her costume



I got a shiny new version of photoshop for home yesterday, when i say new... its the ancient 7 version i use in work, but its better than 6 and does everything i need it to... any way i'm woffling, i did these last night from the scribbles i posted yesterday
I hope you like them...



Here are a few doodles from the last day or so, when i want to concentrate on my technique and not design i revert to drawing marvel, cos their already created i can focus on line work and inking etc, hence all the wolverines and stuff....

Any way, here's a sketchbook pick of logun stabbin the crap outa some government agent or some shit like that, its black n white cos the colours turned out a bit shit and it was coloured in pen so GAY, no recovery no Z button shiiiiit. Looks kinda like the origonal turtles comics though in black n white, which is ever cool.
And here are some more doowdils, again, more pen work, all done strait off in pen and coloured with shity felt tips from wh smithsm but these ones look coowol (no braggin intended) I'm just pleased with um, hope u guys like um too.
The first beast (middle top) his head was a bit too thin and too sorta wolveriny, but the colour one done strait after, i based that on my best mat Loui, he dressed up as beast for a haloween do ones, blue hair suit and died blue head hair too, nut case, he looked the fuckin bomb, so i thought i'de make beast look like the Loui and hay presto, it looks sweet... enjoy u bunch o flumps, i'll get more out to u soon, but i think i hear the authorities closing on on my position right now so...



As per requested I did a wolverine...with a costume that looks like a millitary uniform designed by addidas, this too toulk about an hour from pencils to finish, but, the pencils did take a bit longer, hope u likes it :)



Here's a little summit I knocked out with my powerful right hand over the course of a lunchtime, its not finished, but took 40 minuets from pencil to the level its at now, all I gots to do now is put a nice background in and polish it up a bit, hope u like the old captain america, I just love his naff old costume
An here is the final, I managed to finish it before the end of dinner actually, it turned out ok too, i'm quite happy with the rock, it looks good.



I did this yesterday... I saw on the Forbidden planet website that they are bringing out an inflatable Elite energy sword from Halo, AWESOME, so I was inspired to draw one of my favourite and feared characters from the origonal game, the terrorfying SWORD DUDE, if you haven't played the Halo games you should, these feckers are a menace, usually equiped with a cloaking device and a lethal double edged lazer blade they have a nasty habbit of striking you dead before you even know about it and the only hint is the base heavy 'WUD WUD WUD' sound before they strike, they took out the alien language stuff in the sequils and I miss it, so I put it in here, any way...

The pic...it was a pretty rough pencil sketch then I inked in in a Jack Kirby influenced stylee and coloured it with felt tips, brave of me, running the risk of knackering the drawing completely, then I tweeked it in PS, puting in some glows the grass and the nice colour fades, all in all, I'm genuinly chuffed with this little guy, hope you like it too.


More scribbles holms

Here are a few mor scribbles from my sketch book, mainly revolving around Wild Kat and the AHL, as they are the centre of the christmas issue and a four pager for the web site that should be out in time for the tide of yule.