moving forward

I've really started to push the boat out with the pencils for the next Candleman comic, here is a sneaky peek!
I'm setting myself the task of 2 pages a night, and so far have managed to stick to it.
Hope you like it

CANDLMAN-STAYING IN THE LIGHT copyright Chris Phillips 2008
And the ALIEN thing moves forward slowly... here is a drop ship i built, low polly, mainly cos i want to run it through a paper craft programme to make it into real word parts and use it to construct a prop. Building it from scratch was for too much of a head fuc :)


BIGsheep said...

Awesome pencils. They are, for me, what acoustic guitars are to rock.

Ash Collins said...

ah jeez yo got feckin mad skillz yo

thanks for da link 2 XD