Working on a project with some other super duper artists
My comic is sillyness on a stick, and involves Monkeys and zombie samurai!
Here is a prelim sketch!


Its above you...

Been trying out some sky pictures for Candleman, even though the whole thing is pretty much set indoors there seems to be alot of dramatic sky stuff in this, so I thought I'de up my game a bit, here is a practice picture


Big assed golden doors

Yo... here is a lickle colour test from a panel of the up coming Candleman! who will be staying in the light!
Again, this is set at Halloween, I dont know why, I just like that time of year and it recurres through out this story and others


New peeks, arnt you lucky!

Hay, here you go, smore in the way of a sneaky peek at the next Candleman issue, there was
gonna be a third page, but Blogger decided it didnt want to post it.
Any way, this is a bit from Claude and Willi's romantic weekend, dont worry there's lots of monsters and stuff to spice it up, we dont want it all going fluffy now do we :)


Do you take vigilance to the next level? Have you ever put on a mask and slapped the smirk off the face of crime? well, then this product is for you.
Turbulent Tools presents, THE RAKE O' DEATH, guaranteed to literally RIP THE FACE OFF CRIME!
Using its sophisticated and patented chain mechanism, combined with the latest in garden maintenance tech, the rake can be launched with the simple use of your OWN ARM and imbedding the face of a criminal, hooligan, wrong doer or unlucky passerby and reeled back in with said targets face, well and truly OFF in only seconds
The brilliance of this device is its simple use and fast effective face removal action. It can be yours for only $499.95 and crime will be faceless all because of YOU and YOUR sense of justice!
some self assembly required, rakes and chain sold separately.


silly space crafty type shenanigens

Ok, here we go with more silly geekness
This is the computer model i built for the aliens show reel thing I have been messin with for years, me and my buds are gonna run this thing through the paper making programme and use it to build a usable prop. I'll keep u lot posted as it builds :)... weather u like it or not



Aw, goodol priest... I'm affraid though, he will be missing form the next saga of Candlemanitude, ubless i find a need for him.
The script was written before he was created and there isnt really a need for him in the dynamic, aside from the fact that he RULES and people seem to like him. :(
Anyway, i did this little sketch of him, hope u like :) wow, way too many smileys.
Laters, remember, clunk click every trip, look both ways when crossing the street and never eat yellow snow. LATERZ


more sketches!

Girls in nighties! hammer horror tastic!

Wilhemina gets alarmed by discoveries she makes in the new Candleman!

Candleman 'inadvertantly' cops a feel!
(sketchbook page 2008)


flaming mummies and other tripe

Here am some workings out for my STAYING IN THE LIGHT!
There is an extensive chunk o dialogue in it as its mainly word gags and such, one scene in particular relies on a big character interaction scene were the bad guy starts to show his interest in the mcguffin and sew seeds as to whats coming, and Candleman annoys him a bit.

This is me figuring out what certain scenes later on are gonna look like. Non of this stuff was really tackled much as in the origonal script it was intended to be a low budget film and there for we tried to avoid complex effects, but as all i gots to do here is draw it i can go to town, mummies with fire for hair that kinda thing


moving forward

I've really started to push the boat out with the pencils for the next Candleman comic, here is a sneaky peek!
I'm setting myself the task of 2 pages a night, and so far have managed to stick to it.
Hope you like it

CANDLMAN-STAYING IN THE LIGHT copyright Chris Phillips 2008
And the ALIEN thing moves forward slowly... here is a drop ship i built, low polly, mainly cos i want to run it through a paper craft programme to make it into real word parts and use it to construct a prop. Building it from scratch was for too much of a head fuc :)