Bin having a stab at the cover for Staying in the light, I want a stylized kinda impacting cover with a similar theme and feel to these!
HOWLEE SHEET! what the heck are these?! they are covers for a mini series i have pencilled out on me drawing board allong with a billion other things for the Cman, anyway, I really like um and think they are effective graphically and would love Staying in the light to have a similar look to its cover, so I had a stab at it over lunch, hmm, skinda there, but I'm not sure if I like it, I may to with the format a bit more, maybe a closer angle on Candles face, but at the moment, I dont think it works, any way, feel free to comment, crit ad advice or just slag it off.


Charles Goatley said...

I love those colours. Now I'm jealous!

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