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Hello there.
As some of you have commented, the lay outs changed, and not for the better, poor blogger, they do their best, no, there is a reason for it, the other layout, as awesome as it was, provided by my bud GO3, was indeed fantastic but i needed to add some contacts the other day and the HTML had changed the point where i had no idea how to do that, so, i stripped it back to a generic template to allow for the connection to other people and networking madness

On the art front, I dont have allot to show you, so i slammed up some pencils from the madness that is CANDLEMAN STAYING IN THE LIGHT!

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Charles Goatley said...

Hey, good to see you're posting regularly now. A lot more than me it seems! No idea which ones of these drawings I've been privy to sneak peeks of before, but really like the chunky goodness in them both. Especially the one in the reception area.