flash from the PAST!

Geoff rescently gave me a big fat chunk of stuff relating to the old web site, Candlemania.co.uk, in it was this awesome image of an early concept for Queen Nutha Cupartee from Staying in the light, done way back when the origonal idea was for a kinda wacky live action TV show, however, this picture rules, i thought i'de share her with you... btw, the gaping wound in her belly is where they took her organs out to mummify her EW!


Steve_Green said...

Yeah, I checked that site before this one (it was listed first on your business card) and it appears the domain is now occupied by cybersquatters.

Incidentally, there's a fledgling LiveJournal community dedicated to promoting British comics creators. Do note that a small number of entries are accessible only to members, but registering on LJ is free and very simple. Please consider joining us.

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