mmm blue

As we are all feeling at the moment. For those outside of the circle of Rare, i have been made or am in the process of being made redundant from my job as a concept artist, i am not alone and my feelings are not only for those who are going through this trying time with me but also with the people who I leave behind, some seriously skilled people have had their world shaken and are left feeling pretty insecure and demotivated after the process of the last few months, i wish them all the best, along with hoping that, for me and the people who share my fate, this is the start of something greater and an adventure that with any luck, will end in something better. Onwards and upwards!


JollyJack said...

You'll land on your feet, mate, don't fret :D
(Send me a mail, BTW!)

sena nabila said...

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