The blog of kings : )

In a world full of madness and thirst for blood and sand, a world were people who can’t write a CV, complain that because they can’t write a coherent sentence, that it’s not fair that they don’t get employed. A planet were a small tribe of monkeys despair at the kidnap of their idiot child, who despite being the dumbest of the monkeys, was loved by them anyway, and scarcely do they know the true horror! of how an all powerful nation kidnapped him and pored him into a suit and called him president, all in the name of 'democracy', I like to think that the special brand of madness that prevails on this site and its distorted cousins http://www.candlemania.co.uk/ could somehow be a nourishing substitute to sanity... or not, any way, here are some pictures I done drewed

Of Wolverine, the worlds flavorite X MAN, did um on the holiday, he's looking nice and supremely evil on the bottom of the page, I like him.

and some more...

And a rough colour sketch of Jo Dark from Perfect Dark, my own lickle interpretation, the skull on her wet suit was my office buddies ide, and it looks kinda cool I think :)

And heres a nice full colour pic from yesterday, I promissed I would fling one your way, so here, CATCH!

Its of a new hero for the Candlman universe, by the name of WILD-KAT, all shal be explained in due time, I hope, probably a few years, thats right we're in for the long hall, have a goodun, im off to do some worklings :)

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