WOOO YAY 2000 and 7 hot monkeys, who'd of

Thunked it, when we were in school, pickin’ our noses and slappin’ upon the girls asses (I didn’t but Compton's most wanted apparently did), the future seemed soo far off and we wondered if we really would live to see the year 2000, well, I think we did, and maybe this year we'll get the rocket packs and Jetson style floating homes with little flying bubble car in the garage. But until that glorious day arrives, here are some pictures...

Check it out, the first picture I made with my pencil in the 7th year of the twenty first centuary, Mr Lucifer, looking a bit different from how he does in the comic, that happens with my stuff, as i move along they kind of evolve, if and when he makes further appearences, I spect he'll change over and over :)

Here are some doodles from the holidays, just trying out faces and expressions, like making the mouths big, its funny

Not much, if any finished work to put up here for you guys, was mainly too busy eating drinking and being merry with my folks, but there are a few dynamic and emotive pencils to be seen, like this pick of the Lethal Spider and Wilhelmina.

Here's some different stuff. Having seen some inkers at work and doing some reading I stumbled accros the obviouse use of tipex pens, so I dug one out of its draw and had a mess with some silouets

And here's another one. Atmosphere's the name of the game, hope you like um, ill try and get some coloured stuff up in the next day or two, keep your mice hovering over this site and its brothers and sisters, dont forget the ongoing saga of INFERNO, on www.candlemania.co.uk

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