I said daily, and I have excuses for my failure to do jack shit, its called working, or well, ok, I tell a lie, its called moving desks. Ive made a consciouse effort today to ACTUALLY post some stuff, not that its shiny, its just stuff.
Here you go, here's a full colour version of that page from last week, turned out ok I feel, I like the sun in the first panel and the little glints of light on the water in the second panel.

Here's an FBI agent. I don'y know if this has been done or not, but are there any super hero/vigilanties who are law enforcers in there normal life. How about this, she works for the government as an agent by day, but she sees all the injustice and failings of the law, so takes on the guys of THE RED WASP at night. Hmm, only in the city of Hope

Well... that'll do for now. SEE YOU SOON

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