Hay ho. Haven't done much of note really in the last day or so, bin working on things for our next game. AAAny way, I have been doing some new stuff for the comic CANDLEMAN - INFERNO.
And here it is.


I built the space craft in Maya and took a screen shot of it to get the perspective right on the complex shapes. I then inked it and scanned it back in. I used blue lines to I could easily seperate out the computer generated space craft leaving the line art.

The final image appears as a models on a table in Hoffmans office. But here it is as an image on its own, as I liked the texture of the paper created by the rescan and the shade of blue that had been created I did some playing about with fades and screens etc and made, I think, a quite pleasing image.

Right, now, first off, dont take this the wrog way, I know theres alot, well more than alot of people out there a billion times better than me, I'm in no possition to preach about how to do stuff... but, I also know, from personal experiance, learning how to make your colour work look good is a god damn nightmare, I rememner spending hours, hell I still do, looking at peoples picks going, how the fuck they do that? well, heres a few of the things I've learned in the last year or so, some of it is techneques I developed my self, some of it is just preffured ways of working and alot of it is secrets tips and tricks given to me buy the masters here in our art department. I had to travel high into the mountains and the snowy peaks, to a secret dojo of art to bring back some of these tips, so... take a look.

And here's the final image. HAVE AT THEE!!


Chris said...

Orion is soon to be a real space ship bro, no shit! Check it out on nasa.
Nice pics and shizzle!

Chris said...