When I was younger soo much younger than...

Well, the weekend, erm, another year closer to death then it twas my birthday on sunday. wuhaaaagh, Im old. :( BUT as a consolation I have more DVDS than before, I got both Bad Boys films, point break and karate kid COOWOL, and as a present to you bunch o nuts, here are some drawings. :)
Ah, more wolverine and stuff, I see, like that is it? Um yes, I have been drawing marvels vertically chalenged son a bit latelly, mainly cos I like him and hes fun to draw with all that hair and anger. Watch him though, he bites.

Aaand there he is again, moving away from Logun though, I'm quite pleased with the pose of the girl sitting in the top centre of the page, might have to do a bigger version at some point as thats only a teeeny weeny likle study.

(contains swearing) Not by me, by Spider, thouting rood words in the corner, bad man. Ahaaany hoo, these are face studys really, trying to keep my style but get variation, its a trap that looms, u keep a style by drawing the same head on everyone. hmmm, danger DANGER!
And now, back to work, keep yer looking balls aimed at the puter screen for more arty drawing typ things, see u later

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