MMMM back in the room...

Here we go then, sorry I didn't post yesterday, er, no excuse, just couldn't be bovered. AAAhny wuhay, here are a bunch o sketches i are dune wive me pencil and vat innit. sorry, its like chave speak, erch. Ok, so this is a pic I did last night whilst waiting for my girlfriend to come home from here show, its sposda be Wilhelmina, when I did it I wasnt sure I liked it, but this morning I do, so that's a good sign I think.

If a drawing survives the night test its good, you know, you've done it, you do a pic the night before, go to bed thinking its the best thing u ever did, get up the next day and take one look at it and think, hay that sucks. Well, I like most of these as a whole, so yay for me.

Here's a babe with a samurai sword and knitting needles in her hair, dunno why, it just happened :)

Aaaand heres some more doodles, Ive just been getting myself back on track with faces and generally good pics the last day or so, I again have felt like I've been losing direction and focus in my art and again I have the feel that i have recaptured it on these pages in the last day or so. Partly I feel due to some inspiring visuals from folks like this
One of whome works with me YAY
See u on the morrow kids I'm of to level up in art :)


Ryannnnnnnnnnnn said...

You've done some good Logan pics in the past, but that's one of the betererererer faces

Chris said...

Tasty as usual chief. Im liking the samurai babe, but i feel as though theres something not quite right with her right leg (as in the one on our left)... cant put my finger on it though.
Also, the sword comes out at quite a phallic angle, disappearing under he tunic... is there something your not telling us about her character?! :D