Latest fire retardent offerings to the god of art..


What's with all the Pirates I hear you cry!!, meh, I dunno, summin to draw innit. Heres a doodle. Not doing alot of finished stuff at the mo, again, in that mind set of, 'non of my drawings deserve it', so I cant promise when i will lay something shiny upon thee, so pencils will have to keep u happ for now.

And here is another silly doodle, aw, those poore saps from the Action Hero Legue never seem to get a brake to they, heres one being crept upon by a kinda cutsy version of the alien from...uh, Alien?

before I sign off, I'd like to say, cheers to the folks who posted comments rescently, I am finally getting traffic from folks I havnt actually met, always good.

More pics soon, Later folks

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