MONDAY scribblings

Here are some scribbles from this morning. I went to Londineum on the weekend to see WICKED, which was as good as its name implies.
While I was ther I visited FORBIDDEN PLANET and payed homage at the alter of comics, as I was browsing I found the new collections of CIVIL WAR and happened to glace through it to discover I'de missed the last issue of WOLVERINE with art by Humberto Ramos, so annoyingly had to buy the whole thing again, for the last issue, sweet and well worth it though. So having flipped through it on the weekend I found myself newly inspired, as a result here are some doodlings.
Here's a full page of scribbles with Mr Lucifer in the bottom left, and heres also is a corner doodle of Gran Moff Tarken from Star Wars a new hope.
Also. I must thank the anon person who tells me that I am awesome and the love my work, on 2007-04-26, I am deeply greatful for the praise and appreciate it, however I am perplexed as to their mention of them liking my GHOST RIDER pic posted on deviant art, as to my knoeledge Ive never drawn the character. hmm, odd, hope this doesnt stop you liking my stuff Anon. :)

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Ryannnnn said...


I just read the Wolverine issue of Civil War (Beginning - good, middle - shmeh, end - AWESOME!!)

In fact, I've just had a new wave of appreciation for Ramos' work and noticed how theres quite as few parallels with your stuff.

I went to the Bristol Comic Con on Sat - dude, get some stuff published!!! You really should. And we should work on a comic together sometime, as planned. Email me mofo!

Ryan Neal of the clan McNeal