today is THURSDAY

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand gooodmorning, I'm feeling a bit better these mornings, mainly as we approach the weekend hehehe. But seriously though, I feel a little more on form with my work the last few days.

And here we go, if you look to the left you will see, a school girl with a gun, remeniscent of the BATTLE ROYALE form of art, most commonly recognised as chicks with guns, this form can be found most prolific in teenage boys and game concept artists. :)

I was pretty pleased with this one, and it holds up nicely to the 'day after test' when you come back and dont want to burn the picture on site, thats when its working, I spent a little longer than usual on the shading here, a habit I'm trying to ge into.

Heres a chick with dread locks, dunno why, fancied drawing some different hair. Im thinking, that when Phillipa Pots finally appears in Candleman, that she will probably look summit like this.
And here is a girl all dressed summery, and why not I say.
Ill see you guys on the morrow, with more draws. :)

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